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    lenardgantalaosophiandagathafriends posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 2 months ago

    Sam was the first to move.He reached for the waiter but succeeded only in getting his apron,which promptly tore off in his hand.
    The waiter ricocheted off a table,upsetting a bowl of soup and sending a chair crashing to the ground,where it promptly splintered.Everyone was shouting,and the women at the bar began to shriek.
    The waiter made it to the door and tore off down Forty-Fourth Street.
    The kids sprinted after him.Thomas was next out the door,and then Sam.Max followed them and Pippa came last,her breath high in her throath,her head pounding,Trying to read Paulie had left her exhausted and frustrated.What good was being a mentalist if you coudn’t read minds?
    When Pippa emerged onto the street,the waiter was already crossing Ninth Avenue.Thomas was fifteen feet behind him and gaining fast.Pippa tore after them,forgetting entirely to look both ways for traffic and throwing herself into the street.Several horns blared;an ice-cream truck swerved to avoid her,and she passed practically underneath a horse pulling a coal wagon,provoking an outraged whinny and a string of curses from the driver.Thomas was gaining on the waiter.Ten feet,then seven…Pippa watched with her heart in her mouth as Thomas swung himself up onto a parked car and then vaulted like a gymnast into the air…
    At the last second,the waiter swerved had been a second before.He tumbled,did a somersault,and scrambled to his feet.But by then,the waiter had regained an advantage.
    “Stop him!”Sam cried.
    “Somebody stop him!”
    Two young men in sailor uniforms were approaching from the opposite directions.Hearing Sam shout,they braced themselves,intending to block the waiter’s progress.
    Read the part 2 later and comment down below if you want me to tag you in my stories!!!Byeeeiii

        espilce replied 3 years, 2 months ago

        Nice job

        lenardgantalaosophiandagathafriends replied 3 years, 2 months ago

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