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    leviosanotleviosar posted an update 2 years ago

    Here’s my bio for the Ilvermorny RP:
    Name: Alina Parker
    Age: 11
    Home state: San Francisco, California
    Gender: Female
    House: Horned Serpent
    Wand: Black Walnut wood, Unicorn hair core, 14 ½ inches and unyielding flexibility
    Appearance: Tanned skin, dark brown eyes, unusually long eyelashes, waist-length straight black hair, slightly taller than average, long, strong arms and long fingers.
    Personality: She is very intelligent and studious, but she likes to laugh and goof around. She’s kind to people unless they have gotten on her bad side. She is also very sarcastic at times. She always helps people when they need it and shares her brains. However, she can also be very competitive. She is slow to trust people, but overprotective of her friends and family. She can be rebellious when she believes the rules are unfair, but otherwise is a strict rule-follower. She gets jealous when people do better than her, but she never shows it.
    Backstory: Her mother is a Magbob and her father is a pureblood. She is quite close to her No-Maj grandparents, but her No-Maj cousins on her mother’s side resent wizards and witches, so she doesn’t see them much. She is closer to her cousins on her dad’s side, who are close to her age and already go to Ilvermorny. She has an older sister who is in Thunderbird at Ilvermorny. She likes playing Quidditch and is a very good Chaser.
    Likes: Most of her family, her friends, school, getting good grades, Quidditch, Quadpot
    Dislikes/pet peeves: Failing, losing, rudeness, people who annoy her, her cousins on her mom’s side.

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        Oh, yes, lovely!

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