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    loopylucario posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 6 months ago

    Sorry I accidentally posted it

    Pix growled as she went in the bathroom. She brushed her teeth and took an ice cold shower. When she got out she had no need to put on any products or perfume for (thanks to her mom) she didn’t produce any unpleasant odor. She always smelled like freshly fallen snow, but when she got angry (which was often) people told her that her eyes turned red, instead of her usual blue, and the air around her smelled like freshly fallen ASH. She always blamed her father for that quality. She looked in the mirror, and she saw a butiful face starring back at her. Unlike most villians she was pretty,. The reason being that she took after her mother. ” just hope when I get to the school for evil no one will stare at me” she thought. She then quickly got dressed in some black ripped jeans, with the slashes held together with hundreds of safety pins, followed by some black combat boots, a white V-neck and a black hoodie. She then applied some black eye liner and adjusted her noes ring and calmly walked out of her room. The moment she found the kitchen empty though, she knew something was wrong. Her brother Kay wasn’t there, and that little goblin was always hungry (though how he stayed so skinny she couldn’t tell you) so for her to be there before he did meant something bad happens…and this time SHE didn’t cause it. Pix sprinted up the strairs wondering how she would explain to her mother that Kay was dead or maybe even kidnapped?! As the thought sank in she ran harder, when she finally reached her brother’s door she stopped, hand on the handle she strained trying to control her panting so she can listen to the door. She was greeted with silence, not even the slightest sign of the subtle exhale of breath. Suddenly panicked she threw open the door, but what she saw surprised her the most. In the middle of the room sat her brother Kay, looking even paler than usual. He turned when he heard her, but the powerful fear in his bloodshot eyes overcame the breath of relief he sighed. Pix could plainly see he wasn’t afraid of her, but of something else he saw. Before he could say anything Pix saw something I’m front of him that his body obscured. “Move” she barked,
    “B-b-but…” Kay stuttered
    Pix roared “I SAID MOVE” her eyes glinting red,
    Kay listened without further argument. Reluctantly he got up, and Pix was finally able to see what was in front of him. Something she has been waiting for all month… an envelope with her name written in Royal script.

    Almost in awe Pix stepped forward to receive her letter while her brother quickly explained how he got it.
    “There was like a big dude, or maybe a shadow, that just like broke in while I was sleeping. This guy’s was big and scary and when I woke up he was just there looking at me. That’s when I screamed and screamed cause he was in my room but he was holding something and I thought it was like a knife or something and like ummm when you like started yelling at me he like snapped his fingers and like made me quite and then he held up the envelope and put it in like the center of the room then he was like gone.” Kay later added ” I didn’t want to mess with it cause I was to scared he might come back, what do you think it means huh pix huh? What does it say huh? Like what is it Pix?”
    Pix mostly ignored her annoying brother and just kept on studying the envelope. She wanted to open it but she didn’t want to get her hopes up. Curiosity overcame her and she finally caved in. What lay inside did nothing to crush her hopes for it was exactly as she wanted. The letter explained how she made it to the school for Evil and was going to attend the school in about an hour. Wait an hour? Little twerp kept it so long that now she had less than an hour to prepare. “Idiot” she muttered under her breath and stormed past him out of his room.
    “Ummm… you’re welcome?” Kay called after her
    He was answered with a burning sensation on his arm and turned just in time to see a small flame flicker out.

    Pix decided to pack small. She got a small suitcase and stuffed it with some of her favorite clothes, some makeup, a small mirror, and a journal along with her favorite pen. Pix also packed a few more personal belongings such as a framed and preserved large snowflake, her best noes ring, and around her neck she wore a titanium necklace of a snowflake shaped like a bee with a crown on top to “Remind you of the kingdom you will rule, the strength is to signify how solid your placement will be. While the design, well to remind you of your placement.” Her mother said those exact words when I asked about the necklace, said I was practically born with it.
    Pix looked down at the letter, it said to be in the endless woods for the Stymph to find you. Though she doubted that it will come this far North she decided to follow the school master’s instructions. As soon as she stepped foot inside the woods she heard a squawk and a Stymph landed right I’m front of her “well” she thought aloud “guess this taxi service goes just about everywhere.” Pix smirked as the Stymph cocked his head. It’s looked soon turned from confusion to hatred, it let out a squawk knowing it couldn’t eat Pix for it had to do its job. “Come on you stupid bird” Pix called out ” You might not have a brain I’m that big skull of yours, but I ain’t got all day.” Letting out a screech of anger it grabbed Pix in its claws, desperate to prove to the future queen that it could do its job, and headed towards the School For Good And Evil.

        loopylucario replied 4 years, 6 months ago

        Lol multiple chapters in one sitting. 😛

        soulreaper replied 4 years, 6 months ago

        that was A LOT to take in. anyways that was nice! :>

          loopylucario replied 4 years, 6 months ago

          Aww thanks, :)) glad SOMEONE likes it 😉

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