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    loopylucario posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 6 months ago

    Uuuhh let’s just say chapter 5 😀

    As soon as Pix walked in the room, she could see she needed to make her OWN adjustments. she decided to go with her signature fire and Ice elements. Since the room already had the burn feel, she just needed to add that touch of ice. She started off by making some curtains so the light that goes in the room looks really cool on the floor. She then added some ice plants and decorated the furniture with some frost patterns. By the time she was done and sitting on the bed her roommates came in. “What the…” they all said in unison, without looking Pix conjured up a cold wind and slammed the door behind them. They all jumped because of the sudden shock, then Pix turned looking elegant in the black dress she modified only a little. She stood up “Welcome” was all she said. Heavy silence hung in the air as she waited for them to respond. After a full minute one of them finally came up “How come pretty face isn’t in the other tower?” She said, one bushy eyebrow cocked. Pix just stared, no emotion in her face “They’re new” she thought “I should show them why I belong here more than they do.” With that said she analyzed her, she had jet black chin length hair, blueish gray skin, but the most noticeable feature is her third ear (also pointed) spouting from the top of her head. Pix then (after looking past that crazy third ear) saw the other two at the door. The first one was covered in tattoos and had snake bites and a couple of other piercings, with a hunched back and her two horns…she already looked like a witch. The next one was probably worse, she had skin so thin and pale that you could see her veins, she had dark rimmed eyes so black it was almost like she never slept. Her thin orange hair was pulled tight in a bow bun revealing her most horrifying feature…her smile. It was like no smile Pix has ever seen, it literally stretched from ear to ear. She accomplished this by slashing her cheeks open to make room for her, less than normal, sharp teeth.
    Pix turned back to the third ear girl and smiled a mischievous smile. Suddenly Pix was engulfed in flames and so did the floor around the girl. She then, like a wolf, leaned in and whispered loud enough for the others to hear “Does it seem like I belong in the other castle?” She then extinguished the flames and stepped away. “It would be frozen in flames in less than a day.” Right then she could FEEL her eyes flash red and conjured her favorite animal that was almost always by her side. A white wolf with a slash of red fur across it’s back named Stratus came creeping over to the now cowering girls. Stratus lunges and clamped down on third ear’s ne- “YOU BELONG!!” She screamed, with a flick of her hand the wolf stepped back “Sorry what was that?” Pix said while dramatically raising her hand to her ear, “I was ready for screams of torture, so I didn’t catch what you said.”
    “You belong” third ear said panting, tears stinging her eyes
    Pix walked forward and placed her hand under the other girl’s chin forcing her to look into her face. “Tears? You’re as weak as I thought. Why should I let a coward like you live?”
    “B-b-because…” she stammered tears now streaming down her face.
    “You’re lucky” Pix smiled stroking Stratus, “I feel lenient today, don’t make me regret my decision”
    She nodded along with the rest of the girls.
    “So,” Pix said while clapping her hands together ” Who has the same classes as me?”

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        loopylucario replied 4 years, 6 months ago

        Aww thanks, you just made my day 🙂

        boomboompancakes replied 4 years, 6 months ago

        *jaw drops* that was AWESOME!

          loopylucario replied 4 years, 5 months ago

          You just made me smile more 😉

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