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    loopylucario posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 6 months ago

    OK guys I’ll try not to be lazy and just finish the chapter hope you enjoy 🙂 you can see the rest @ @loopylucario

    Chapter 6 part 2 😉
    Pix had to admit that when she was in the good tower she was filled with horror…and astonishment. The towers had so much light and the different colored glass made it all the better. I mean how could the other Nevers not like this pla- “Oh yeah” Pix thought ” It’s all of the ‘decorations'” She scowled at the nearest wall deciphering a picture of a spoiled princess with her ‘prince’. Pix rolled her eyes and scowled once more at all the mirrors around them “Jeez, for a school for good they sure love their vanity” she thought. Though it’s true she does look at herself in mirrors for she looks more like her fabulous mother, the rest of the Nevers thought otherwise. She could see them all looking at the ground or suddenly interested in their shoes (that was a first). Though the Nevers usually are looking for something to hate, it seems the school for Good gives them an answer… themselves. Pix frowned from the thought “Cowards” she hissed through her teeth, they shouldn’t be acting like this! They should be raising their heads high! Sure good can look pretty but think of Evil! Pure Beautiful Evil! But this?! Embarrassing she thought looking all around, she was the only one who wasn’t checking out the floor. She got mad (not a first) and her eyes STAYED red. ” REALLY?” Pix said loudly so everyone could hear, ” Is this how you want good to look at you? To show them that you are AFRAID to even look at yourself and oogle the floor? Are you not proud of your Evil? Are you such a coward that you cannot be in a room with a piece of glass?” With each word another Never was looking up at her, each face was a mix of emotions. Some were shame, some were doubt, some with wonder, and some with fear. But they had something in common…pride. The more Pix went on the more pride there was, until everyone was looking at her with the pride they should all feel, even some with hope.
    “We cannot defeat the REAL enemy by feeling like sorry LOSERS!” Pix screeched. “So today my dear Nevers show them who the REAL winners are, show them who REALLY gets stronger while the other grows weaker. So stand with me when I say ‘WE WILL SHOW THEM!!!’
    At this point was shouting screaming the same chant like a mantra ‘WE WILL SHOW THEM!!’ ‘WE WILL SHOW THEM!!!’ well the wolves just went along 😉
    PART 3
    Meanwhile on the inside of the Theater where all of the Ever girls were already seated, grooming, re applying last minute makeup. Until one of them says aloud “What’s that God awful noise?”
    “Yeah” agrees another with luscious Arabian skin “At this rate my ear will turn purple or something and then I’ll be a hag by noon!”
    “Ummm”replies another with smooth caramel hair “It’s getting louder”
    The first one who spoke turns to a fairy “Aren’t you going to do something about it?” She says while raising an eyebrow ” You know you shouldn’t be worthless if you’re in the presence of Princess”
    To her turned back the fairy gave her the dirtiest look, made some fairly rude gestures, and jingled something that one can assume were the opposite of GOOD words. After all this he did go to the Never side of the Theater, he reached for the handle an- 120 screaming Nevers barged through the door, throwing the fairy across the room. After picking himself up (and jingled some more “opposite” words) went back with his fairy pals who were snickering behind his back. Both the Nevers and the Evers were ignoring the fallen fairy for, the Nevers being to busy yelling at the Evers, and the Evers,well, being to busy Staring with a look of surprise at the Nevers. Just when the Evers were about to get over their shock and yell somethings at the Nevers, all eyes turned to the stage for-“TAKE YOUR SEATS OR I’LL **** YOUR THROATS AND SIT YOU DOWN MYSELF” well yeah for Castor and Pollux were at center stage

    I got lazy again plus it’s like 11 over here so I’ll finish later. OR MAYBE (caps lock sorry) part 4 could be a new chapter cuz it will be long 😉 I’ll do what @soulreaper did and say; if you comment put
    Juan in a million at the top so I know you read it 😉 thx

        loopylucario replied 4 years, 6 months ago

        Sorry if yawwls think that Pix (or my writing) is changing 🙁 I’m a sorta go with the flow, wing it at the last second kind of gal 😉 as I mentioned before I won’t necessarily stick to my bio soooo another heads up 😀

        PS I know what Castor said was a little too much ‘whoa there’ and not really ‘ooooh Castor 🙂 ‘ kind of deal. I got caught up in the moment 😛 XD

        soulreaper replied 4 years, 6 months ago

        not in a million, but JUAAAAANNN DAAAAYYY MOOOREEEE anyways
        AND I’M JAVERT :> that was nice? and long? and that sounded wrong???

          loopylucario replied 4 years, 6 months ago

          Lol but it rhymes so that’s okay do-kay

        fsa161 replied 4 years, 6 months ago

        This is cool!

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