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    lovedove4565 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 10 months, 2 weeks ago

    The House in the Woods
    It was a cold and foggy morning and I was with my sister picking berries. We had just found a bunny whose fur was as white as the melting snow on the ground and eyes as red as the raspberries on the bushes; the berries we were supposed to be picking. The poor thing; I bet it is so cold, I can tell my sister is thinking. The girl adores animals.
    “Let’s cook him for dinner, Violet! think, lovely rabbit stew!” I say as I clap my hands. My family had never had a rabbit but I predicted that it tasted wonderful. “I’ll bet he tastes good …”
    “No! If you do that I will never play with you again!” My sister says in terror. “How could you think such a thing?”
    My sister knows how much I love to play in the attic with her. We have such fun, hopping around and laughing. And with this in mind, and I stare at the ground shamefully.
    Violet looked at the cute bunny (Yes, it was cute). She clutched it to her chest and walked into the house.
    “Don’t worry…” She whispered in the bunny’s ear, her warm breath tickling it. “I will take care of you.”

    That night Papa returned home from a trip to a different village. “Tomorrow it may snow. We will have to cook more.” He declared. Violet and I did a little jig; cooking more meant playing in the attic! Ma was always to busy to bother us with work. “Also, Violet and I will go hunting for the winter season.”
    We stop jigging.
    Violet sighs loudly. Everyone in our large family knows that she hates shooting poor defenceless animals.
    “But what about…” Violet starts but Papa cuts her off mid sentence.
    “Silence. You have a talent for gaining animal trust. You must use it for good deeds. And you must learn to hunt yourself. No excuses.”
    Violet goes to Mama so she can help with dinner. She chopped the potatoes including carrots to put in the stew. When I have free time I run upstairs to the attic and play. When Violet has free time she cleans or reads a book. “I will go to the village to buy some food.” Ma said.
    “Can I come?” Violet said hopefully. Going to the village is always a treat, considering that our village is so remote. “Of course,” Ma responds.
    “Can I come? I ask.
    “Maybe, Go help your father get the horses ready.” Violet casts me a sympathetic glance as she passes.
    I go outside to the stable to help pa prepare the horses. I bring a sugar cube to Snowy, who is known for her delicate fur which is white like a snowflake. “Pa? Does ma love violet more than me?” pa looks me deep in my eyes and sighs loudly. “Scarlet. Violet is simply

        lovedove4565 replied 10 months, 2 weeks ago

        I know it’s not about the school of good and evil. I just thought to have approval!!! : ) ; )

          lovedove4565 replied 10 months, 2 weeks ago

          Sorry for not including bios!

        pelpomagirregirl replied 10 months, 2 weeks ago

        Nice, I like it!

          lovedove4565 replied 3 months, 2 weeks ago


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