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    lovedove4565 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 11 months ago

    Name: Violet
    Nicknames: Vio, The heart breaker
    Age: 13
    Appearance: Shoulder length black hair with streaks of purple.amethyst eyes
    Descendants: Unknown
    School: Evil
    Personality: Sassy, self centered, mean, bully
    Clothes: Leather jacket and ripped jeans
    Finger glow: Violet
    Flaws: Mean
    Fears: None
    Likes: Twin, Scaring people, Being mean, Breaking hearts
    Dislikes: Good
    Strengths: Everything
    Weakness: Dogs
    Siblings: A twin called Scarlet
    Back story: TBA

        anadil777 replied 11 months ago

        I like your bio, but you should probably add some fears and change the strengths, as nobody is good at everything. However, I love this and please tag me!

        goodsideforlife replied 11 months ago

        Love it so what do u do on here anyway do you just give yourself a background and like a name or something

          lovedove4565 replied 3 months, 3 weeks ago

          I have no idea 🤣

        rylletezzy replied 11 months ago

        It’s cute and funny that Violet’s scared of dogs. Do you like violet?

          lovedove4565 replied 4 months ago

          Ya I’m in LOVE with her

        princessrachael replied 11 months ago

        Tag me. You can use these characters: Evie-Anna – 15 years old, Good, red-gold finger glow, kind, considerate, rude, compassionate. Right eye is mint-blue and left eye is red, black, long, curly hair and dark skin. She is smart and strong. She doesn’t trust quickly. She can hypnotise people and make them do what she wants. She is the daughter of a dragon emperor and one of his wives. Her mother hates Evie and beats her. Evie-Anna has a scar that cuts through her left eye. Her mother tried to send Evie to evil and Evie’s twin, Tanya (blue eyes, tanned skin and short brown hair) to good but they were placed in the opposite schools than Evie’s mother wanted them to go to. She wears ripped jeans, blouses that don’t touch her shoulders and a jacket around her waist. She has sunglasses to cover her mismatched eyes. She normally wears heels. SHE LOVES TO FLIRT! She likes red, rubies, books, adventures, boys, her dragon wings and tail. She dislikes her family (except her dad), sexists, racists and bullies.
        Tanya is cruel, collected and controlling. She wears black and/or blue skirts/dresses/tops. She has black-red fingerglow, is in Evil, loves to play with people’s feelings and can breathe fire. Tanya is lesbian and Evie-Anna’s bisexual. Evie-Anna and Tanya are twins.

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