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    Chapter 4 The Portal read my other stuff at @lovedove567
    Annabelle and Alice walked up to Alice’s room which was the last floor on the school masters tower. Walking up the stairs Annabelle’s red curls bounced up and down
    “ Couldn’t……your……mother……..install….an…….elevator.” Annabelle huffed up the 145 steps.
    “ She did, I just wanted to see you climb up these stairs.” Alice smirked. She was magically floating 2 inches of the ground, on her mother’s escalator. Annabelle glared,glancing at pool of sweat in her puffy dress. “ You…are..just…like….your….mother..”Annabelle started. “ And you are too innocent, that what happens when your Dean Dovey’s daughter.” Alice smiled grateful she was Sophie’s daughter. And that she was evil.

    “ Well, at least I do my homework.” Annabelle said. Alice stared at her, “ You’re just 9 years old, you’re not even a student yet.” Alice mocked. She knew This was something a goody-two shoes like Annabelle would do. “ What it’s interesting…” Annabelle started. Both girls exploded into laughter. The bickered all the way up, they were best friends since they could breath.

    When they finally reached Alice’s room, Annabelle collapsed on Alice’s spiked, raven black queen bed. Alice settled comfortably in her spiked throne made out of storian ink. “ You are sweating like a boy.” Alice said lifting her nose in the air. Annabelle threw a pillow at her, alice dodged her head just in time for the pillow to hit her chair. Suddenly,Alice’s throne started spinning around. “ Annabelle!” Alice Shrieked her tall high heels falling off. “ Heeelpppp!”Alice shouted. Annabelle jumped on the chair soon she was also spinning. Both girls were holding on to the long spikes. Than Suddenly they fell off , aa gaint hole formed under them. They looked at each other before they fell in the darkness, still holding hands.

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