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    lovedove567 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 8 months ago

    Chapter 5 both sides read my other stuff at @lovedove567

    Alice and Annabelle fell down in darkness. They finally landed on the pink floors of the good castle. They were staring at Annabel’s mother’s office. Otherwise known as Dean Doveys office. Suddenly they heard thumping footsteps. “ That war between good and evil is bugging me, especially Hester’s attacks, now that Sophie is gone the schools are complete Chaos!” Said lady lesso. “ And poor tedros is devastated.” Dean Dovey completed.

    “Umm, Annabelle isn’t Lesso supposed to be dead?” Alice whispered. Annabelle bit her lip, “ Alice we are in the past!” Annabelle announced. Suddenly the Dean’s voices went mute and a booming voice filled the castle,

    “ I am Merlin, who ever is hearing this be warned that history is going to be repeated, only you can hear me and nobody can see you, this is just a recording observe. “ The booming voice ordered. So Alice and Annabelle did. They saw Dovey try to open the door to her office only for it to be locked. “ Move aside.” Lesso said pushing Dovey out of the way. Lady Lesso tried opening the door but it was locked. Suddenly professer Esparda came down the hall, “ What seems to be the problem Clairessa?” He asked. “ My office is locked.” She shrieked. Suddenly the door opened and Lady lesso and Dean Dovey fell at someone’s feet. The some one had blue high heels. That someone was Evelyn Sander. “ History is going to repeat, evelyn died to quickly and she’s back for you two, she has your mother’s.” Merlian said before he was interrupted by Evil laughter, “ I WIll FIND You.” The laughter shirked.

    Than Alice and annabelle started falling up back to the present. They arrived with a loud thud and heard many more thuds on the door. They looked at each other. The Tower was under attack!!

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