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    Chapter four!
    I immediately regretted traveling by flowerground. Why oh why. Apparently, there was a line that, today, it was reserved for the evergirls that were attending the school for good. We were on the road line, everything red, with red dragonflies playing flutes and flitting about with cranberry juice and muffins. I grabbed one eagerly, and but into it, before realizing all the good girls were staring. Beatrix, having already made a group of friends, was giggling and laughing. I gulped. Yikes. A girl with short black hair and almond shaped eyes came over. “Hi! I’m kiko!” She said, sipping juice. ” I’m Aslyn! ” I said. How have I already made a friend? “Don’t worry, the fairy chaperones will clean you up! ” She said, glancing at my tangled hair and wrinkly dress. On cue, the fairy flew over, starting in my makeup, hair and nails. They also made my dress spotless again, all while I stood there gaping. “How? Why? Bu-” I stammered, before kiko gently interrupted her. “They did it to everyone, we have to look perfect for the welcoming!” She said gently. ” I LOVE your hair, btw! ” ” thanks… Yours is cute too. “I muttered.

    When they get to school

    ” SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL STOP SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL” I watched everyone else tank a vine beside them, so I did the same. I felt like a flower, sprouting out of the ground. I gasped. It was beautiful. A rainbow was positiond perfectly between two pink glass spires. I looked around, and that’s when I saw her.
    Thanks for reading! Let me know if you want to be tagged, or if you have an idea for a name!
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