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    lucyeverynameoflumaria posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 2 years, 2 months ago

    Hey everyone! I finally stopped being lazy and finished by Zodiac Backstories. I’m still waiting for the ones other people said they would do, but I’ve finished these ones, including further fleshing out Virgo and Aquarius.
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    Deity Backstories
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    Capricorn, the Zodiac of Words, was selected as a reincarnate later in his life, after he had graduated from college. His true name was William Colton.
    William was born with a disorder that prevented him from having a fear reflex, which led to him taking many opportunities in life without fearing what would happen. His peers told him that he should go into a industry like performance, where not having any fear would prevent him from encountering issues like stage fright, or fear of heights, but he took advantage of his disorder in a different way.

    Instead of using his disorder to go into fields where fear of physical things would play an issue, he instead used it to avoid more specific fears, and eventually became a successful businessman because of it. He had never exactly been strong, but hadn’t ever feared that other kids would tease him for it, so he instead put everything he could into his studies, becoming extremely intelligent, which led to him pioneering many new kinds of unheard of technology later in life, which were unfortunately lost once the world went into what is now called “The Great Ban,” where things like creativity and inventiveness were punished.

    Because William’s wellbeing was at risk in this new world, even though he had been offered a position at the top of it, the previous Capricorn chose him as his successor. For years, William worked underground, trying to undermine the system, but failed, and became a Zodiac instead of dying like a normal human. It was William becoming Capricorn that brought the Zodiac’s full attention to The Great Ban, and it was ultimately his stories that convinced them that something needed to be done. Because of this, the Zodiac descended onto Earth and ended The Great Ban.
    Capricorn is currently the second oldest Zodiac, after Pisces, being chosen just a few years before the Great Ban officially began. The previous Capricorn was able to choose him for the reasons he did this early because of future visions and prophecies he had received from Cancer, which he had analyzed to find a clearer meaning, and was from there led to choosing William as his reincarnate.

    While William was initially a much more compassionate Zodiac, because traits can be magnified when one becomes a Zodiac, William’s lack of a fear reflex led to him eventually losing other emotions as well doe to the magic. This combined with his overwhelming intelligence is what turned him into the Zodiac that he is today.
    Sometime shortly after the end of The Great Ban, when he still had some modicum of emotion, is when he supposedly had his Demigod child, Nicolin. Nicolin lived for years and years, aging slower than a normal human due to his divine blood. He is still alive in the story today, and is the new reincarnate of Capricorn.


    Aquarius selected as a reincarnate from an early age, during the middle stages of The Great Ban, just before Capricorn was replaced by William. Her true name was Sophia Gonzalez.

    Sophia was born into a family of musicians, becoming adept at several instruments, as well as singing and composing. As soon as The Great Ban began, her family fell upon hard times, and moved out of their home country to Paris to join in the underground movement to stop The Great Ban.

    It was here that she met the man who would cause her much pain throughout her life as a human as and as a Zodiac: Lao Luis Martin. Lao was a high class citizen, much like Willian was, who was working underground to undermine the system. He worked closely with their family to illegally distribute music in various forms and organize underground meeting places where people could enjoy it if they didn’t want to risk keeping it in their own home.
    As the heir to the family, Sophia continued on assisting the effort after her parents passed away.

    It was years after her family had moved, when she was a fully grown adult, when she learned of Arabelle LeGrande. At this point, Sophia knew she was in love with Lao, and as such became somewhat angry when she learned of Arabelle. Arabelle was another high-ranking member of the society in France, who wasn’t connected to the underground, and somewhat supported The Great Ban, as it gave her family power. She was also in love with Lao.
    After their confrontation above the river, when Lao had died, Arabelle used her power as the Virgo Reincarnate to kill Sophia. However, instead of passing away, Sophia became Aquarius.


    Aries was selected as a reincarnate later in life, after she had passed the age of 30. Her true name was Madison Skelton.

    Madison was born just as the underground movement was starting to gain foothold thanks to the Zodiac’s assistance. By the time she was old enough to join, the fight to end The Great Ban was ramping up to its most violent part. As the underground movement was becoming more and more like an army, Madison was busy doing everything she could to climb the ranks, despite being a lower-class citizen. By the time the underground movement was ready to engage the “government,” she was considered a general and given soldiers to command.

    She was assigned to areas where the fighting was at its worst, spared the lives of no one from the opposing side. It was during this time of war the Aries chose her to be the next reincarnate. Eventually, when the fighting became more mellowed-out, Madison was dismissed, and relocated to avoid her being targeted by opposing forces.

    Unfortunately, even after being located all the way to Australia (because this was during The Great Ban, and not the Pisces Era, it was still called Australia), she was still found by the opposite side. She was assassinated in her sleep, becoming Aries.
    After this, she went on to become the Zodiac’s battle commander, leading their forces to success in the remaining battles. Of course, she became bored once the Pisces Era began, and eventually joined Ophiuchus because of her thirst for blood.

    After The Great War had ended, and the new cities had been established, and Aries hadn’t accepted the offer to have a city of her own, as “War” isn’t exactly an art that can be practiced safely. To compensate for this, she formed The Children of Aries, a motorcycle gang full of teens from the Pisces Academy who were unhappy with the system. Once she had collected enough members, she relocated them to the Northern Pisces Ruins, where they continue recruiting new members. Once one has joined the gang, they may live forever, as long as they remain loyal to Aries’ every command and do not fall in battle.
    She could not choose between the two Berri sisters to be her reincarnate, so she compromised by making April the reincarnate and her older sister, Cara, the new leader of the Children on her Aries, essentially giving both a right- and left-hand girl. However, in the flipped timeline, Cara became the reincarnate, and it’s unclear whether Aries intended to do anything with April, as there is no Children of Aries group in the flipped timeline.


    Cancer, somewhat like Virgo, was a noblewomen, with the difference between their positions being that Cancer was born during the Pisces Era, after The Great Ban had ended. She was born into her reincarnate role, and her true name was Victoria Reed.

    Victoria reached adulthood just as the Pisces-Separator conflict was beginning to heat up. She had been gifted with prophetic dreams by the previous Cancer, and as such knew in advance that everything would devolve into war. Because of this, she used her noblewoman position (which she had achieved through her painting skills) to play both sides. She didn’t exactly try to escalate the conflict, merely made both sides believe that she was working for them, giving them money and resources when necessary.
    Victoria managed to keep this strategy up for some time, with neither side threatening her or her family. However, as the Pisces side began to slowly decline, Victoria found herself siding more and more with the separators. Eventually, the remaining Pisces leadership became suspicious of her. She was found out and poisoned. Form that point on, she was Cancer.

    Once she had become a Zodiac, Victoria remained truly neutral in the war, refusing to offer her prediction powers to either side. Unfortunately, the separators managed to kidnap Libra, leaving the Pisces side without any method of predicting the future, and, because they had fewer human supporters, at a major disadvantage.
    Victoria, from this point forward, never gifted humans with prophecy during times of conflict unless she wished them ill, because she did not want the humans she found to be worthy to be at risk because of their abilities. However, Cancer found herself gifting prophecy more as a punishment than as a reward. Many of the people she gave the gift to were those she disliked, causing them to be plagued with visions of death, war, and horrible futures.
    Because of this tendency, Cancer eventually started trying to ignore humanity with the exception of those she saw extreme potential in.

    Cancer eventually left the original Zodiac because she didn’t agree with Pisces’ harsh punishment of Ophiuchus. She could, to some extent, understand wanting to cause humans misery, even though it was very different for her. With her, anything she did caused no physical harm and was always justified. Since this she has distanced herself from humanity (with the exception of her reincarnate) and the other Zodiac, even those that also sided with Ophiuchus. Because of this, she is seen as mysterious, and many people know next to nothing about her.


    Leo was a middle-class girl born into the Pisces Era who worked her way up to the top and was granted her status as a reincarnate once she had made the decision to do so. Her tur name was Leona Kaneko.

    Leona was born a prodigy in multiple fields: Song, dance, theater, and even clothing design and modelling. Because of this, she joined a brand new arts movement that sought to combine the many art forms as much as possible: Idol Culture. Idols sung, danced, acted, modelled, designed their own clothes, and even wrote their own songs. Leona soon became the figurehead of this movement, reaching the top of the artists’ ranking board many times during her time, the peaceful Pisces Era.

    Luckily, Leona did not die to become a reincarnate, nor did she live as a mortal long enough to experience the war. Leona Kaneko was inducted into the Pisces Hall of Fame, which was destroyed after the war, and as such all evidence of her greatness was lost. When she was inducted, this was when she became a reincarnate. It’s thought by some that the Zodiac purposefully destroyed the hall, as people would be able to recognize Leo as Leona very easily.

    After the cities had split apart, Idol Culture had vanished, and Leo chose to tell the people of Leo City to claim Japan as their expansion, as Aquarius City had done with Hawaii. Once this had succeeded, Leo descended to Earth in human form to bring back the culture in an effort to help reunite the arts. She merely went by ‘Leona’ during this time, using no surname. It was during this time that Rose Niji came to idolize the idol Leona, oblivious to the fact that she was a Zodiac.

    Once Rose became an idol, she drew Leo’s attention, and Leo chose her as her reincarnate, and kept close watch over her. Eventually, Leona decided that her time as Leo was fit to be over, and handed the position down to Rose Niji, if only temporarily. Leona will regain her status as Leo once more (and in turn any other reincarnates who become Zodiac will become human again too) once the timeline is reset.


    Virgo was only 2 years before Aquarius in the city of Paris, under the name Arabelle LeGrande. Virgo chose her in her childhood, a few years before the great ban started, and she became a reincarnate of her own will, asking the previous Virgo if she could succeed him, in hopes that becoming a Zodiac would allow her to bring back Lao.

    Arabelle was born into a noble family roughly a decade before the beginning of the Great Ban. Her family had investments in a number of industries, including Art Dealing, but cut ties to all of them which involved art when Arabelle turned ten in preparation for the beginning of the Ban. Prior to the change in her family’s rules, Arabelle had been a prodigious painter, and would use nearly all of her free time to paint. However, once her family, which was one of the initial families to start the Ban, began preparations, she was no longer allowed to paint.

    Once the Ban was in effect, Arabelle began training to become the family’s heir and eventually forgot about her love for visual art. Once she reached her twenties, she met Lao, who, despite being a noble such as herself, had ties to the resistance. Of course, he hid this from her in order to maintain a good relationship and be able to properly support said resistance. Over the years they knew each other, Arabelle fell in love with Lao.

    Eventually, this led to a confrontation between Arabelle, Sophia, and Lao above the river, in which Lao died, and Arabelle killed Sophia. After the reality of Lao’s death had set in, Arabelle begged Virgo to allow her to assume the position, and eventually ascended and became Virgo. After this, she learned that, sadly, bringing back the dead was not within her power, and Scorpio would not bring Lao back just because she wanted it. She eventually came to somewhat blame Sophia, of Aquarius, for his death, creating an unstable, hatful relationship between the two deities.

    During her time as Virgo, Arabelle met Ophiuchus, who promised her love if she would support him. Initially, Virgo saw this as a chance to bring Lao back to her, and in a way it was, as it was her who drew Ophiuchus’ attention to Lao’s soul, and he likely wouldn’t have chosen Lao as his Reincarnate if it weren’t for her. However, eventually, Virgo was manipulated by Ophiuchus into loving him instead of Lao. Even so, Virgo still maintained her bitterness towards Aquarius over Lao’s initial death.


    Libra, or Eleanor Roscoe, was born during the Pisces Era some time before the war with the Separators began, and was in her thirties by the time it did. She became a Zodiac shortly before the war ended, after dying of natural causes (old age).

    Eleanor was born into a middle-class family, and had no ambitions to become especially well-known as an artist. She was however, born as a synaesthetic, could not only “see” sounds, but could also “hear” things she saw. This meant that she could draw and paint things that most people wouldn’t try to in such a literal way. She could also write both stories and music about things as simple as colors. You could put a picture of something she had never heard of in front of her and she could come up with a personality for it, just because her senses made her think that she could “hear” things about it.

    Because of this ability, Libra saw great potential in Eleanor to become the next Libra,as she believed that her previously having been synaesthetic would help her adjust to her future vision easier. In addition to being a normal synaesthetic, Eleanor was also a rarer type, which is known as a Mirror-Touch Synaesthetic. This meant that she had extreme potential for empathy, and could often feel others emotions if they were strong enough. She could become angry by observing particularly angry people, and then shake it off by being around people who were experiencing joy.

    Once the War began, Eleanor’s Mirror-Touch Synaesthesia, both her empathy abilities and her ability to physically feel what others were feeling, became useful. (When I say that she could physically feel things, I mean that if one person poked their own cheek, she would feel as if someone was poking her cheek. Think of it as a connection between sight and touch.) Eleanor was employed by the Pisces side in the early to middle stages of the war as a peace negotiator. Most of her missions were successful, and she was the cause of many temporary cease-fires.

    Eventually, when the war became more violent, despite her best efforts, Pisces hid Eleanor away in a safe house in the countryside, which she lived in with her family until dying of old age and becoming Libra, returning to how she appeared in her twenties and thirties.It was during the time she lived in the safehouse, very late in life, that Eleanor came to the realization that she was gender-non-conforming, much like Pisces. (As such, they use they/them or “xe” pronouns.) To reflect this change in perspective, upon becoming Libra xe never disclosed their true name, despite appearing female, and asked the other Zodiac to use gender non-specific pronouns when referring to them.


    Scorpio, born during the Pisces era, was originally a man named Sebastian Royal. He was chosen as a reincarnate upon reaching adulthood, and officially became Scorpio after dying of poison in his fifties.

    Sebastian was a high-level special agent for the separator forces. His cover-up for his intel gathering and plotting was a funeral parlor. He serviced both sides, taking care of many fallen soldiers, and, in turn, gathering intel. After getting information about Pisces members from their funeral arrangements, he would communicate it to the opposite side under the guise of another appointment.

    In addition to being one of the Separators’ most valuable sources of information, he also managed relatively large forces in nearby areas, communicating the plans in secret through carrier pigeon. It was when the Pisces forces accidentally shot it while hunting that he was found out.

    From that point forward, he left his business and went into hiding, moving from safe house to safe house, assisted by the Separators. Eventually, he let his guard down, but was eventually poisoned in a public location, becoming Scorpio after he died.

    Once a Zodiac, he fell prey to Ophiuchus’ trickery, as Virgo had, at the promise of Scorpio’s kingdom of the dead growing exponentially. Since, Scorpio has become shut off from the rest of the Zodiac, running his kingdom as he likes, waiting for Ophiuchus to fulfill his promise and doing what it asked of him.

    It’s unclear whether or not Scorpio will maintain his position on Ophiuchus’ side much longer, though. There doesn’t appear to have been any effort made on his part to recapture the souls he was supposed to be keeping track of, and has been helping Reme, his reincarnate, despite her working against Ophiuchus.


    Sagittarius was a girl from the era of the great ban who lived alone in the wild, away from society. Her true name was Artemis Westcott, and was chosen very early on in life to become a reincarnate. She became a reincarnate upon death, which was government/society-sanctioned.

    Artemis lived alone in the woods of North America from a young age, and would move about the country, staying away from society accept to acquire materials necessary for survival that she could not find in the wilderness.

    During the Great Ban, appearance was regulated by race. Since she was a Caucasian American, the regulated appearance for Artemis should have been brown hair, but she was a redhead. This meant that she had to be extra careful when near society, as she couldn’t even blend in with the other girls.

    Using materials from garbage dumps and landfills from before the Ban, Artemis taught herself flute and continued to live in woods, going around, hunting, making camp, and playing music through the woods.

    Unfortunately, Artemis was eventually captured and tried for her “crimes” by the government. Because of the overwhelming amount of charges against her, and them all technically being things she was guilty of, including practicing art and not conforming to appearance regulations, she was sentenced to death. She died at age 22.

    Upon her death, which, thankfully, happened some modicum peacefully, as she was drugged in her sleep, she became the Zodiac Sagittarius. She continued moving about the world, hunting and spreading art, and was a great advantage when the Zodiac liberated the world from the great ban, as she had no issues disguising herself as a mortal and travelling the world spreading the Zodiai’s ideals.

    During the Pisces-Separator War, she was mostly neutral, but sided with Pisces when she was threatened by the Separators. She was also an advantage in this war, despite Pisces losing. Her skills as an “archer,” as she is able to use any manner of projectile, and unrivaled by an of the other Zodiac or any mortals.

    All right, that’s all I have! As you may have noticed, we’re waiting for backstories for Pisces, Taurus, Gemini, and Ophiuchus. The Ophiuchus one will likely be based on someone who actually existed for the fun of it, which means that it will probably be shorter on the life story bit and more focused on what happened to him as a Zodiac.
    Other than that: One major question. Erin has been in the underworld since BEFORE the timeline change, actually. This means that she has no idea about what’s happened to the world, with the cities still technically being in an alliance with the exception of the Capricorn-Gemini conflict. (Everyone else is in the Pisces alliance, and the cities are more like neighborhoods within Pisces. Capricorn and Gemini withdrew from the alliance because of this conflict, meaning that they are not getting aid form any of the other cities.) What will her reaction be to this? How are we going to address this? I didn’t think of it until now. Even if Erin goes and temporarily becomes a Zodiac like Rose and Leila have (Yes, temporarily. They will be mortal again when the timeline is reset, and then we’ll go back to worrying about the original conflict of the stories, which is about the tension between the cities and reforming the Pisces alliance.) Erin will still have to deal with shock. Also, what the heck is up with Drew? Last time I checked he had just, like, been knocked out cold by the Ochus faction and hasn’t been heard from since. Answers, anyone?
    All right, that’s all I have for you guys tonight. I hope that these bios were helpful to the people who are working on making the others. I’ll see you guys again soon, likely with a Knights & Knaves P.O.V.. Lucia out!

        ivypool2005 replied 2 years, 2 months ago

        This was very helpful! I didn’t realize that we could just write out a summary (it takes a long time to write like 4000 years of someone’s life) so those should be going a lot faster now.

          inlovewithbooks replied 2 years, 2 months ago

          I’m a bit confused where August fits in… There was a plan to meet up with Polina and Nastya but Idk where that went…

        fairytalegirl123 replied 2 years, 2 months ago

        I love how you fleshed out the characters!! I think it’s amazing how Libra is synesthetic because I’m pretty sure I am myself, and I think it’s a really interesting condition.
        This also helped me with my Taurus bio, so thanks! 🙂

        ivypool2005 replied 2 years, 2 months ago

        For the Erin thing, could we just do an implied info dump and have her be like “HOLY %$%&#*@$#@&” and then be fine? It would be kind of cheating but Erin seems to be a reasonable person who takes everything at face value, and we’ve done it in small amounts before…

        legendaryevilbandit replied 2 years, 2 months ago

        This is great! I was thinking that Lao and Virgo grew up together and Lao later worked for Virgo’s dad. That’s how they knew each other so well.

          legendaryevilbandit replied 2 years, 2 months ago

          Umm, yeah Drew. We honestly have no idea what to do with him so we put him in a coma… yeah. Sorry. And I agree with @ivypool2005 , I think Erin would accept all these changes calmly and accept that the world has changed

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