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    lucyeverynameoflumaria posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 2 years ago

    Hey everyone! On-the-fly P.O.V. for The Zodiac.
    Not much to say, since we just got a new P.O.V. out earlier today, and that was what prompted me to write this one. Some of you may remember Cara Berri from just before the start of Ochus Arc… Unless you’ve started reading real recently & haven’t bothered to check the old posts… Anyways, let’s just roll with it.
    The Zodiac
    Chapter 124
    POV Rose Niji
    Tag List:

    So, Vela and I were going to Japan.
    After I had explicitly abandoned the alternate Reincarnates that this world’s “me” had assembled.
    After saving Japan from Ochus, and going missing, and BECOMING LEO, I was going back to essentially kidnap 6 girls who were supposed to be my friends, but who “real” me barely knew… Well, most of them.
    To be specific, we were after this world’s Reincarnates of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Sagittarius.
    Their reincarnations were a groups of 6 girls named Luna Salen, Cara Berri, Hope Nephele, Violet Terra, and ****** Scirocco, respectively.
    Of these 5, Luna Salen had been a dear friend to me in “our” timeline, and I had briefly met Cara Berri, the rebellious girl and head of the Children of Aries. From the jumbled, half-baked memories I had of this reality, Luna was much the same, and Cara was far more toned down, though still a fighter. From these same memories, and some interview footage from the Artists’ Ranking Archives, I had come to the conclusion that Hope Nephele had a big-sister, almost motherly personality, and had grown up peacefully in South America, or Aquarius. Violet was an average-seeming girl from Central North America, or Central Leo. She had an extreme amount of empathy and, before learning of her powers as Libra’s reincarnate, had hoped to someday become a lawyer. ****** was the youngest member of this world’s reincarnates, only around 10 or 11, and had lived her entire life in an energetic, optimistic family of dancers from Mexico, or Sagittarius City. She carried her parents’ optimistic attitude and had already won several awards for her choreography for their- no, MY, idol group, Zodiac.
    These were girls who just wanted to live their lives, fulfill their dreams, become idols, and eventually Zodiac. These were girls I had brought together. And now I would be changing their entire world, throwing them into a war that they shouldn’t have to be a part of. But if we wanted to save everything, to banish Ochus a 3rd time and restore our reality, then this was necessary.

    My and Leila got off the plane around midnight, in Tokyo. Despite the time, the city was plenty awake, with crowds milling about, monorails taking people in and out of town, and, of course, planes landing.
    Under normal circumstances, I would have booked the two of use a hotel room, or maybe even made arrangements to go home, and stay with my family, but we needed to be as quick as possible. As such, we found our way to a late-night internet cafe and decided to wait until around 6:00 in the morning, when the group would go to the studio for practice. We were to call aside the girls, pretending to be their manager, before revealing our identities as Zodiac and bringing them back to Los Angeles. (Meta: What the hfll happened to the San Angeles concept, where the entire coast of C.A. was one city? I had that in mind, but then we just sort of scrapped it… It would have been cool.)
    Sitting in the cafe, I decided to go over everything one more time.

    “So. Let me get this straight. The Zodiac started to think that Human Reincarnates weren’t the best idea after what happened with Alexis and Ochus.”
    “Right,” Vela responded, nodding as she said so.
    “But they chose humans anyways, and Pisces chose Sentaro – your dad. But then Ochus used his magic to make the humans think that they could transfer their Zodiac magic to another person, creating a whole NEW set of reincarnates.”
    “So, theoretically, the 3rd reality is one where that succeeds, and you and 11 other kids become the new Zodiac, and are the generation before Leona’s.”
    “Supposedly, though I have no idea who the other 11 would be. Are you saying we would have been the ones to choose the Zodiac from during the Ban, and as such the entire modern group would be different, tilting reality a whole different way?”
    “Exactly. The next time it split was when you warped into the future, and went missing. Then you died, cementing the change and making it impossible to revert to there being no split, which is what would have happened if we had managed to send you back.”
    “So… The new reality doesn’t even have the same Zodiac that we know, and are trying to replace?”
    “Exactly. Except for Alexis, because they became Pisces far before even that. But you would have become some other deity, not Vela, but a different Zodiac, much sooner, and as such we would have you in the modern, and 11 others. Heck, we don’t even know if the Great Ban happened in that timeline. Probably not, considering that Sentaro seems to be responsible for that. Other than that, about what you said about the Separator from the Pisces Era being your kid…”
    “I don’t think that’s quite right. They are a descendant of the you from that timeline, sure, but certainly not you child. The Great Ban and Pisces era combined lasted longer than your lifespan could of. It’s very likely that the Separator was, say, your great-grandchild.”
    “Yeah. Now that that’s sorted out, I think that we might just want to not think about it for a while, at least not until we correct the timeline formed by your death. Once we go back, I suspect you’ll still be in the present, and you’ll be able to become Vela at some other point. After that, we should figure out what the Zodiac meant for us to do in the first place, in regards to “our” timeline.”
    Both of us sighed, and decided to order some coffee to keep us awake. By the time we were done with it, it was nearing 6, and we left.

    The studio, despite the early hour, was bustling just as much as would be suspected from an idol company. Vela nodded to me before we went in, and I carefully disguised myself as the girls’ manager. Vela used a similar spell to take on the appearance of my assistant.
    We waited in the studio, politely greeting each reincarnate as they walked in. As soon as the 5 we needed were there, Vela and I nodded to each other, and put the plan into action.
    “Luna? Cara? Hope? Violet? ******? Can I speak with you all a moment? It’s about the next concert.”
    The girls quietly followed the two of us out of the studio, glancing at each other, as if worried about what news they might be getting.
    As soon as we were out of the studio, and standing in an empty hallway, I nodded to Vela, whispering under my breath 2 words.
    “I’m sorry…”
    The spell put the girls into a magical sleep, to be woken once we had reached the Zodiai’s base.

    After this, we flew back to Los Angeles, and returned to the other Zodiai, managing to use magic to conceal the 5 sleeping girls.
    Upon arrival, Vela & I took off our glamours, a prepared to wake the girls.
    The other Zodiac nodded to us, and Vela removed the spell.
    As soon as they woke up, I noticed all 5 pairs of eyes drawn to me.
    Luna was the first to speak.
    “Rose… ?”

        fairytalegirl123 replied 2 years ago

        Oof this is great but I’m confused with this 3rd timeline business???

          lucyeverynameoflumaria replied 2 years ago

          I find myself having characters sitting down to clarify all of Leila’s Time Travel business every so often just to make it clear what exactly is happening.
          It’s complicated, but when I have conversations like this, I do my best to explain everything as simply as possible.
          Multiverse theory is weird.

          ivypool2005 replied 2 years ago

          Yeah. Leila’s my character and even I only have the faintest idea what’s going on with time. I think we’re just going with whatever happens.

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