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    lucyeverynameoflumaria posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 1 year, 11 months ago

    Hello everyone!
    SO, I know that this is around a week later than I said it would be, but school is really bogging me down. I figure I might as well put some creativity in personal projects before school runs it dry YET AGAIN.
    Still waiting to write for K&K, but hopefully, that’ll be out soon. Anyways, this is a new Zodiac P.O.V.
    I REALLY don’t want this to die, especially since we’ve planned on it being a multi-arc RP…
    In other news, Gods & Monsters will be getting a new part sometime in the near future. It might not be until around Christmas, as there’s an important decision I have to make regarding the presence of one particular side character, but it will get put out.
    With that, let’s just write this thing.
    Also, since putting a common theme in front of POVs seems to be thing now (i.e. Erin’s poems of Niko/Leila’s phobias) Rose’s chapters will now open with song lyrics.
    The Zodiac
    Chapter 127
    POV Rose Niji
    Tag List:

    Beautiful slience
    Beautiful pain
    We’re only human
    We’re meant to dream
    Lost in a life full of mistakes
    We do what feels right
    Then fall with no grace
    Chased by the sun
    Escaping flatlines
    Dreams are a curse
    Wake up, you’re alive
    Oh, slowly fading from the misery
    I’ve accepted who I’m supposed to be
    I’ve accepted who I’m supposed to see
    Lady in the mirror


    The warm magic of the Leo Zodiac coursed through me, filling me with every bit as much power as those before me had possessed.
    No, not nearly as much power, more power. I am we. Leo is not one person, but a million people, all giving their selves to whomever they have chosen to be the next leader. My powers certainly won’t be able to do much against the flood of water raining down upon Los Angeles, but should Ochus choose to use his Dark Matter, as he did with his attack on Japan, I would be more than a match for him.
    Of course, Vela thought ahead, and it became abundantly clear that things would not come to that. While a permanent solution remained unfound, Ochus was now held captive inside a more effective set of chains than Pisces ever could have constructed: A Time Loop.
    Until the time was right to bring together our new Zodiac and reset this world, Ochus would be stuck, reliving the few minutes that were this confrontation. And it would replay, over and over again. One might assume that once he realized exactly what was happening, he might attempt to break the loop. To do an action that wouldn’t be expected within time’s prediction algorithm, and thereby end it. But this was not that kind of loop. It was a few minutes that would continue to replay, no matter what the people inside it did.
    Then perhaps you might think he would flee, and try to find a theoretical ‘exit,’ as if the loop were a pocket dimension, something isolated in space. But this was a time loop. It was airtight. There were no exits, and no entrances save Vela choosing to send someone in herself. There was no way for Ochus to even try to escape, even if he did realize what was happening. And if by the time we chose to release him and set things right, if he had gone mad and had no memory of any of this, I would not feel sorrow for him. He had killed too many, done too much harm, and it didn’t matter if he didn’t remember it. He could mentally be a baby for all I cared, and I still would have personally overseen his demise.
    Once the Time Loop had settled, things were errily quiet. Evenutally, the slience was broken by a few very simple words.
    “Kind of anticlimactic, huh?” ****** remarked. “We were told that this was war, and now he’s just gone?”
    “He’s not gone,” Leila said. “Just trapped, Sagittarius.”
    Leila smiled.
    “It appears that Artemis decided it was time to step down. Welcome to the new Zodiac.”
    “You have to be kidding,” ****** said, not believing a word Leila said. “I understood I was a reincarnate, but an actual Zodaic? I don’t feel any different. There’s no way.”
    “Just run with it,” I called back to her. “It’s different for everyone.”
    I dipped under for a second to double-check Leila’s claims.
    “And yeah, you are Sagittarius now. But I guess you’ll want us using your first name, won’t you?”
    “Whatever floats your boat,” she snorted.
    In the end, it didn’t matter if the girls believed that they were Zodiac or not, just that they listened to what us from the “real” future told them they needed to do. If they did, we would be able to reset the timeline, their memories would be reset, and this reality could live out its days in peace.
    “So,” I turned to Leila. “What now, Vela?”
    “We find the others, and force them to pass.”
    “Can we even force a Zodiac out of thier position?”
    “It’s been done before, and I’m in charge now. If I see them as in the wrong, I more than have the right to rid us of theihr presence as a deity.”
    “Well then… Let’s go hunt down some constellations.”

        ivypool2005 replied 1 year, 10 months ago

        *flashes thumbs-up* glad this isn’t dead
        I’m working on a chapter but this information >> would be helpful. I feel like you would know this… which Zodiac are on Pisces/Vela’s side and which are on Ochus’ side? Also, who has ascended? Everyone on side Piscela will have ascended at this point unless the Zodiac is trapped or in some other position where they can’t be at the battle, and I assume no one on side Ochus has ascended yet, considering. But a list would be nice. Thank you kindly *bows thrice and exits*

          lucyeverynameoflumaria replied 1 year, 10 months ago

          Okay, list time…

          Ochus Forces:


          Gemini (Now Niko) & Taurus (Now formerly were non-aligned players whom left both sides, but have now sided with Piscela because of circumstances.

          Piscela Forces:

          Aquarius (Now Erin)
          Taurus (Now Nastya)
          Gemini (Now Niko)
          Leo (Now Rose)
          Sagittarius (Now ****** because plot convenience)

          Now, Libra is on the ‘good side’ theoretically, but I’m kind of assuming that they’re in some sort of position right now since they haven’t actually done anything, period. It just makes sense.

        stymphrider replied 1 year, 10 months ago

        cool, I’ll try and write a chapter soon, I’m doing klunk this weekend but next week I’m pretty much done with school and I’ll be able to do more writing.

          lucyeverynameoflumaria replied 1 year, 10 months ago

          You’re lucky to be ending school…
          It’s December for me, which is pretty much the halfway mark after we start in late August.

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