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    lucyeverynameoflumaria posted an update 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    So, I’m hoping this gets through because I don’t often post this way, but I didn’t want to put it on the main Zodiac forum for everyone to see because it’s not really their problem to worry about, and if they think it is I don’t like thinking about the results.
    That said, I realize that Drew, Erin, and Nastya were super important but at the moment it doesn’t seem like we’ll be having them back. The exception is Nastya, @FairyTaleGirl123 seems to have been on recently, around a week ago, but just hasn’t seen the posts yet, I assume.
    But I’m just considering when we should set the cutoff point that we’re deciding that no, they’re not coming back, and we need to choose new Reincarnates. At the moment I’m not sure when that should be, though… I wouldn’t want to decide they’re gone and have them return the next day and for me to have to retcon everything I said…

        ivypool2005 replied 5 months, 2 weeks ago

        Hmm… I think it depends on how steep the learning curve for these new characters is. If it’s like the first reboot and they immediately get into all the Reincarnate stuff, that date might have to come a lot sooner than if it’s like the original where they just chill at school for a while first. I don’t think we/you have to choose the Reincarnates before the RP gets going. I would say hold the spots for now, see what happens when it starts, if things Escalate Quickly give away the spots but if not hold them until things start picking up.
        You could also ask @fairytalegirl123 specifically if they are planning on joining again. I’m pretty sure @legendaryevilbandit isn’t on the site anymore… I think they said something about going to college and… idk. Anyway those are my thoughts.

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