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    lucyeverynameoflumaria posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 4 years, 1 month ago

    Phoenix, this is the last POV I did for lucia, anyone else, If you already seen this, you can ignore it.
    P.O.V: Lucia

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    I wake up back under the rocks, even more sore than the last time, and it’s now night. The sky is perfectly clear, but I can see lights in the distance, probably a only a mile or two away. I try to sit up, but I only stress myself, and do not succeed. I knew I needed to get moving, or something would find us. Either more mysteriously perfect, powerful figures, or creatures of the night. I cast a spell that would replenish my energy for roughly 72 hours, enough to find somewhere, anywhere, safer than here. I try to get up again, this time with success.
    I wake up Phoenix, and we start to leave. Heading towards the lights in the east. They’re roughly two miles away, and it takes us a bout an hour to get there. When we do, we see something that worries me. A ball. Ugh. The greatest of feminine stereotypes, next to maybe unicorns. We would have to get in. I used my magic to change us both into ball gowns. We looked almost like the perfect figures. We got in without notice. We were in. We just had to blend in.

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