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    lulu256 posted an update 3 months ago


    I want to know now, if guys want to be tagged for my next RP – I just don’t want there to be a big gap between my current RP and the next because I’m waitng for replies.

    If you don’t want to be it’s ok but if you don’t say anything, I’ll just tag you- unles you say so.



    It is the year 5020… exactly 3000 years since the last book in the SGE series came out, by a man known by his pen name Spahgetti Crisps (no offence Soman).

    Ever since then, normal things like books, movies and certain celebrations have been banned. Bu not just those. Life has been changed dramatically. Ceratin people can’t do certain things, and the British government in run the most corrupt person ever to live.

    But orphan Rilla is a rebel, she always has been. There are no two ways about it. But then she has to run from the Knights of the government, and suddenly enters the fantasy world, she’d only known about from a book.

    But this world, over the years, has changed as well…



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        cutenesslily replied 3 months ago

        ooo tag

        book-lover77 replied 3 months ago

        Ooh, sounds awesome! Definitely tag me please!!!!

        silver13 replied 3 months ago

        yesss tag

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