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    lulu256 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 months ago

    Why hello, fellow hoomans.

    Previously: Adeloa or ‘Ade’ has risked her life, trying to get hold of her ‘shooting star’, in which before she’d fallen down an endless hole, only her foot stopping her from falling for eternity…


    Soul Deception

    Written by lulu256

    Chapter 24

    Sydney’s POV

    Seeing my best friend spiral down into the bubbling, steaming waters below was like throwing a pack of rocks on my chest.

    I heard Piper croak, no breath going in or coming out.

    I didn’t say a word.

    I felt my eyes start filling with water and I wiped them away. Adeloa was gone and-

    “We’re going after her.”

    I stared at Piper.

    “But isn’t there a bottom of the volcano after the foam?”

    “I doubt there is – and don’t you want to even try and help Ade?”

    I looked down at my feet.

    I wasn’t sure if that was a trick question.

    I grabbed Piper’s hand.

    Of course I did.

    I threw us both over the edge, the foam coming surprisingly fast to my face, the cold liquid pulling me down, it’s warm embrace just like a hug…


    Adeloa’s POV

    When your dying, you expect to feel pain – so that’s why when I fell into the steaming foam, I was surprised.

    I fell straight through and was suddenly standing upright, perfectly fine – apart from the fact my boils now took over my whole skin, they hurt and itched and looked like I was about to explode.

    But I could see my star – in a tall but thin container, standing solitary in the middle of emptiness.

    I realised I’d made it out of the volcano somehow – or maybe I was dead.

    My face crumpled – if I was dead my friends would never see me again… because I risked my life for some star

    I ran towards this very star before something stopped me.

    “Ade! No wait!”


    She’d come after me.

    That meant Piper had too.

    I could hear them running towards me… but if they were hear that meant they were okay…

    I could get my star.

    I started running now, towards the container thingy, before something, actually, somebody, collided with me.

    Then something else collided with us and we started rolling, heading passed the container.

    I threw my red hand out, causing me to cry out in pain and we landed in a heap at the bottom the the container, my star safely in my hands.

    I looked up to smile, only to see a door sliding over the opening of the container.

    “Frogs,” came a voice near my knees.

    The container started shaking, rumbling – then it shot high into the sky towards the clouds – grey clouds.

    “Oh what have we gotten ourselves into now?” said another voice near my stomach.

    Then the rain came down.

    Then came the flash.

    The lighting bolt came down two seconds later.

    Right down towards us.


    I see you managed to make it to the end…

    I thank you!

    I hope you enjoyed this chapter!
    If you want to be tagged just ask – if you want to see previous chapters click here → @lulu256



        gummibear2434 replied 3 months ago

        This was great tho!!!!!! :))))))

          lulu256 replied 3 months ago

          Pretty sure they’d try to murder me

          Glad you like it!😌

        lilystarling replied 3 months ago

        That was just…
        I love the way you speed the suspence. I mean build ha ha that was intentional
        *Prays that you won’t kill them*

          lulu256 replied 3 months ago

          Why thank you…

          But that prayer –


          lulu256 replied 3 months ago

          Oh- speed the suspence-



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