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    Previously: Once again, the *********’s lives are in danger – a lighting bolt striking down towards a flying container that they got stuck in – totally not a flying lift in other words. In short, they will die.


    Soul Deception

    Written by lulu256

    Chapter 25

    Narrator’s POV

    Now in the our world as we know, they’d be dead now. But they’re not going to unfortunately, and that’s probably good news… for some of us.

    Adeloa’s POV

    White colour clouded my vision, making me think for the second time in three minutes I was dead. I could feel a soft fluffy material beneath me – maybe it was heaven? I don’t know.


    I lunged upwards, covering my cheek with my hand. Someone had slapped me and now it felt ten times worse because of my stupid boils.

    “Sorry. But you wouldn’t wake up.”

    A white hand appeared in my vision, offering to help me up.

    I pushed it away. I didn’t want anyone’s help right now.

    I stood up, still holding my star. We seemed to be moving forward, but we were in a black box now.

    Sydney sighed.

    “Whatever is up here in the clouds, they’ve captured us,” Sydney rubs her nose and she sits down in a corner, looking everywhere but at me.

    “How do you know that? From what I can see we’re in a fluffy black cloud, you might be wrong,” Piper retorted.

    “Pfffft it a fluffy black cell, idiot, we did classes on this back in Gavaldon – ‘Princess Training’ they called it, how to know, when your captured, where you are – pretty much the only place in the Woods that accepts that Princesses don’t always look like one.”

    Piper was silent. She frowned and started wringing her hands.

    She was nervous.

    I’d never really seen her like this before – not really Sydney either. They were ALWAYS brave compared to someone like me, who ALWAYS let her feelings get the better of her.

    “I-I didn’t know you guys got scared,” I whispered.

    I crossed my legs as I sat down.

    The other two stared at me.

    “I-I mean, I thought I was the only who got really scared,” I looked down at my bare feet, covered in grime and boils.

    “We all get scared sometimes,” Sydney said, “I always am – I just never show it, even Piper gets scared sometimes.”


    “Piper don’t deny it.”

    Piper sighed.

    “Maybe I do.”

    Sydney glared at her.

    Suddenly, one side of the black box was peeled away, and guards with glittery hands pulled us out.

    Their hands looked like the night sky- the black-purple background with stars – but when they moved it seemed like you were looking at another part of the night sky.


    But we had no time to look at these hands as the dragged us down towards a palace, One that seemed to grow a little bigger as we got closer.

    We were shrinking.

    I winced in pain as my foot trailed along the floor, the floor which turned to marble as we entered the palace.

    We were met by another sparkly person – a woman in a toga this time.

    “What do you-” Piper started.

    “The Guardian wants them changed into the clothes and taken to the Waiting Room 1 beside the Discovery Room now.”

    “Yes ma’am.”

    I blinked as a surprisingly high voice came from from under the helmet.

    Once again we were dragged, down corridors, left, right, right, right, left, right.

    “You need to change into those clothes,” The other knight shoved us into a room before both left, closing the door.

    We could hear them positioning themselves outside the door.

    Piper grunted.

    I glanced around the room. It was quite bare really, a pale blue room with some cubicles, with a curtains attached to the open fronts.

    “Well what do we do?” Sydney asked, “Try to escape or change?”


    “I think we should escape, the sooner we get out of here, the better,” Piper explained.

    “W-well yeah, but I want to know more about this place, and even if we escaped, how do we get back down?”

    Piper huffed, grabbed some clothes and disappeared behind a curtain.

    She obviously loved being in command.

    Sydney went and changed, and I changed as well.

    The outfits were pretty white dresses, with puffed shoulders, but no sleeves. There was a white silk belt around the middle, and it ended at my knees. There were no shoes for us though. We’d left ours back at Sydney’s house. I doubted we were even in Gavaldon anymore.

    When I came out I saw Piper scowling down at herself.

    “I look… like a snowman!”

    I burst into giggles.

    She looked up and smiled.

    “Look at yourself!”

    “Your the one who is the snowman!”

    “Guys what’s the matter?”

    Sydney pulled back the curtain and walked towards the door.

    She paused.

    “Aren’t you guys going to come?”

    “Yeah, right behind you,” Piper murmured as Sydney opened the door.

    I made a face at Piper and she made one back at me.

    Sydney actually looked nice in the dress, while we looked like clowns.

    We followed her out and the guards soon led us down a series of corridors.

    But this time, they didn’t drag us but allowed us to walk by ourselves.

    They flanked us as we walked and I felt like royalty.

    We eventually reached a corridor which opened out a little so that there was space to place chairs on the sides of the ‘room’.

    Right in front of us were huge double doors with elaborate symbols, lined with gold. They had no handles, or any ways to open them.

    One of the soldiers lifted their helmet over their heads.

    Long black hair tumbled out, and their skin sparkled just like her hands, her eyes were black, just black, no whites and even though you couldn’t see where she was looking, you could tell she was looking at you.

    “Y-you’re a girl?” Piper asked.

    “You assume that because of my strength and bulky armour we are girls? You’re very funny,” her voice was very delicate with a slight accent.

    “’We?’” Sydney said.

    The other girl lifted off her helmet. She looked exactly the same as the other girl, but her hair was in a pixie cut.

    “Anyway,” pixie-cut started, “ The Guardian will call you in soon, be prepared and don’t say anything wrong.”

    She nodded to the other girl.

    They turned away-

    “ Does everyone up here look like you guys?”


    “Haha, no – only those within a family can look similar, I thought everyone knew that?”
    Long-hair laughed.

    “Your sisters?” Piper asked.

    “Twins,” was the short reply.

    I blinked and they were gone.


    “Syd, I was only asking questions what is the problem with that?”

    “You made us suspicious!”

    I listened to them bicker and argue.

    Then a woman came out silently – while Piper and Sydney were arguing over whether apples were better than bananas or not.

    I hadn’t been following their fight properly.

    The woman opened her mouth, it was deep and loud, loud enough to stop the argument.

    “The Guardian is ready for you.”


    That’s it for today. I’m tired, I need waffles and I hate editing.


    Outro time.

    I hope you enjoyed this chapter!
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        lulu256 replied 2 months, 4 weeks ago

        Starred word is t h r e e s o m e ‘ s

        I don’t understand why that starred.

        silver13 replied 2 months, 4 weeks ago

        Oooh love it!

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        Omg I wonder what’s gonna happen… HAHA AND YES GET YOUR WAFFLES

        lilystarling replied 2 months, 4 weeks ago

        I bet this has something to do with Ade’s family maybe?
        You’re some expert huh for cliff hangers.

          lulu256 replied 2 months, 4 weeks ago

          Stays mum.

          *Sweats nervously*

        book-lover77 replied 2 months, 4 weeks ago

        Amazing chapter!!!!

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