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    I hope you liked that poem I did for Clue 2.


    Previously: They’ve arrived at a Kingdom in the Clouds, full of people with ‘moving skin’ that in like the galaxy – full of stars. But then they have to meet the mysterious Guardian…

    Soul Deception

    Written by lulu256

    Chapter 26


    Adeloa’s POV

    I stood up only to realise I’d forgotten my star in the changing rooms.

    Oh no.

    I made a face and sighed. Every time I’d gone back to get the star, I’d gotten me and my friends into trouble. I couldn’t risk angering the ‘Guardian’. I’ll just ask him if I could go back for it afterwards.

    If we were still alive then.

    I then wondered if the Guardian was male or female…

    Sydney shook me back to reality when she accidentally-on-purpose bumped into me, pushing me forwards.

    Piper walked into the room, Sydney after her and me last..

    Then when she thought no one was looking, the woman at the door stuck out her leg and tripped me over.

    “Hey-” Piper started.

    Too late.

    I crashed into the other two, and we rolled forward and landed in a heap a few metres away from a throne.

    We all grumbled at each other and looked up.

    This time another woman sat in front of us, her eyes white- like she was blind.

    She obviously wasn’t.

    She looked like the twin girls we had passed earlier apart from the fact her hair was purple and she had a gold crown on her head.

    “You look like Long-hair and Short-hair we saw-”

    Sydney pinched Piper.

    Piper shut her mouth abruptly.

    I looked down at my feet, my hands clasped together in front of me.

    My boils were burning now.

    There was a long silence and I could feel this lady’s stare on us.

    I shifted uncomfortably and let my eyes wonder around the room. Apart from the symbols decorating the walls, and the torches attached to the walls, which gave the huge room a ghostly glow, it was quite bare, apart from the carpet, throne and two soldiers flanking it.

    “Look up.”

    The voice sounded… silvery and magic.

    I looked up and met eyes with Sydney.

    What did she want us for?

    “Welcome to the Cloud Kingdom – Galaxial.”

    I nearly choked.

    “I take it you’ve met my oldest daughters.”

    She… didn’t want to kill us then?

    “I- I better explain why you are here – or why one of you is supposed to be here and how two of you came here by accident.”

    Us three glanced at each other.

    “Adeloa… I brought you here… because you need to know the truth.”

    My eyes bulged. I was the one she wanted. Me.


    “Your… star… brought you here because I need to tell you something before I go…”

    I frowned.

    She knows my name AND about my star.

    “You see, your parents aren’t who you really think they are. They needed to protect you from those bad ones…”

    I was puzzled. I had no idea about what she was talking about.

    “I made that star. I was the one who gave it to your parents.”

    “You know them?” I blurted out.

    I didn’t know much about my parents.. I want to know more about them.

    “Ssh. Let me speak. Your parents can’t have children. Meaning you are not theirs.”

    “W-what – why would you lie about such a thin-”

    “I gave you to them to protect you from those who wanted the crown – who wanted you dead. I know you probably won’t accept this – but your parents were supposed to HIDE you, not steal you away from me.”

    I stared at this woman.

    She stared back at me.

    “Now here’s the visible proof.”

    Piper sneezed.

    Sydney coughed.


    Then my boils started growing, joining together, taking over my skin. Pain spread all over me and I fell to be knees, blood dripping out of my mouth.

    “Do not touch her or you will die.”

    I heard this command echo and echo inside my head.

    Then it went dark.


    I blinked.

    Well I tried to. I slowly opened my eyes to find I was still in the room.

    I could still feel my bones aching.

    I brought my hand up to my eyelids.

    No pain.

    That means the boils had gone down…

    Or the were gone.

    Then I saw my palms.

    I could see a purple-black background.

    The stars that made a ‘scoop’ shape.

    The Big Dipper.

    I sat up onto my knees.

    My skin was covered in stars.

    But now that I’d moved, my right palm no longer showed the Big Dipper.

    It showed the North Star.

    I stood up. New stars moved into place.

    No way…

    “Oh… my…. “

    I reached up and tugged at my shoulder-length hair only to find it black.

    I knew that if I looked into a mirror, my eyes would be black.

    I looked up to see Piper and Sydney staring.

    Still standing in the same place.

    My transformation had taken only seconds.

    Then it hit me like a block of bricks.

    My memories from when I was little – from 5 years old. They were back.

    I’d always wondered why I didn’t remember anything before my 6th birthday.

    Now I knew.

    I remembered how one minute I was walking in the castle gardens with a woman, my ‘mother’ before she grabbed my hand and took me out of the castle, back to her tumbledown house before she made me eat this herb.

    From my lessons from the School for Good, I knew that was a Forget-Me-Not herb.

    That meant those girls… were my sisters.

    That meant… whatever this woman had been saying…

    She was right.

    She was my mother.

    I was a princess.




    Outro Time.

    I hope you enjoyed this chapter!
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        gummibear2434 replied 2 months, 4 weeks ago

        Whoah. Wow. Unexpected. Amazing.

        silver13 replied 2 months, 4 weeks ago

        Ooh, loved this

        lilystarling replied 2 months, 4 weeks ago

        Loved the plot twist
        I wonder why people wanted to kill her when she’s not the oldest daughter.
        Can’t wait for future chapters

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