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    Previously: Adeloa finds out she’s a princess, her mum and dad aren’t she thinks them to be and the holidays are almost over and students are preparing for the second year…


    Soul Deception

    Written by lulu256

    Chapter 27

    Cezmeraix’s POV

    I grumbled as I tottered around the castle in heels. My dad had gotten a teacher to teach me etiquette and things like that during the holidays.

    That meant I had to walk around in heels trying not to fall over.

    The teacher had told me that I shouldn’t concentrate on the heels but on something else.

    So I focused on those witch bags. I’d only wanted to have a friend, ever since I saw that… but those three had ruined everything and had completely taken over me. Every once in a while, I would hurt someone so that their wishes could be fulfilled.

    I walked shakily past stairs. Mistake. I put my foot down, and my ankle twisted into a weird angle.

    I tripped.

    I started rolling down the stairs, trying to reach out for the banisters, which were way to far away. Scratches started appearing on my arms and when I reached the small landing on the first floor, I’d somehow made my way upright again, but I was still walking forwards, towards another flight of stairs-


    “Thank goodness,” I let out a sigh as my brothers pulled me away from the edge.

    I sat down on the top step and yanked off the heels. Never again.

    “Can’t have the future queen of Camelot killing herself before she’s even crowned, can we?”

    I swatted at Truth, our middle triplet.

    Auegen grinned. Then his eyes wandered past me.

    I turned.

    A fluffy black mass swirled towards us shrieking, two small people behind it. My face reddened. They’d probably seen everything.

    “Cezme, darling I saw what happened, are you alright? Is anything broken? Hm?”

    Aunt Sophie’s fur stole covered my red face as she hugged me a little too tightly.

    I was her favourite after all.

    Her own daughter wasn’t interested in Aunt Sophie’s style – she had her own, and my brothers tend to stay away from her in general. They seem to have inherited our father’s wariness of the witch.

    “I’m fine.”

    I took a deep breath has she took a step back.

    “Have you got anything to wear for the meeting?”

    We were to meet with the King of Foxwood, aka Nathan, and his governors, since Nathan wasn’t of age yet.

    I had deliberately not told my maid that I couldn’t find anything to wear because I knew she’d just tell me to put on an outfit that made me look ugl.y. She didn’t like me or mother and was always sucking up to my dad or my brothers. She even tried to convince dad that Mother was in an affair and wasn’t as good as he thought.

    I didn’t like her either. My brothers were the only ones who knew what she was up to.

    “Well then, we have to go see what you have then, shall we?”


    Mica and Alrici sat on my four-poster bed while Aunt Sophie tutted at the clothes in my walk-in cupboard.

    Mica had decided not to follow Piper to Gavaldon.

    Not a surprise really.

    Anyway, Aunt Sophie pulled out a frilly dress, blue and gold.

    I gagged.

    She smiled.

    I suddenly felt scared.


    Of course I didn’t need to be.

    Aunt Sophie always knows what she is doing with clothes, and by the time I came down, to the rest of my family waiting, I was ready.

    My aunt had ripped off the frills and slashed away one shoulder, the right one , and cut the dress so that it swirled around my knees. The sleeves ended at my wrists, and the dress was now a pale blue with gold ‘sparkles’ on the lower part of the dress. Auntie gave me gold pumps to put on my feet and offered me contacts.

    I stored them away in my room.

    I nodded to my brothers and they raised their eyebrows.

    Father was telling Aunt Sophie that she was to look after the castle while she was gone, while my maid scowled in the corner, looking enviously at my dress.

    Oh how I would love to fire her.

    “I can trust you to not burn, take over or ‘Sohpify’ the castle while we’re gone?”

    “Tedros, we can trust her.” Mother defended her best friend.

    “Of course you can trust us.”

    Alrici waggled her eyebrows.

    That meant trouble.

    I put on a lip-glossed smile and tugged Father away from the witches and towards the carriage waiting outside.

    “Come on Daddy, we do not want to be late for the meeting now do we?”

    He gave Auntie one last look before taking Mother’s arm, and leading her to the carriage.

    I let my brothers follow them, giving myself some space. I rolled my shoulders back. News reporters, Camelot citizens and Foxwood citizens alike would be watching us – especially me – the future Queen. I had to show them that even though I was a girl, I could be good as any male ruler.

    There were many people who were sceptical about having a Queen ruling Camelot.

    Footman Horo gave my hand a squeeze as he helped me up into the carriage. I gave him a small smile in return.

    Then the door closed. I saw the front doors of the castle slam as the carriage trundled away from the castle. Then I could see the gates close behind us – now citizens could get a good look at us as we travelled towards Foxwood.

    For some reason, I looked in the direction of where Gavaldon might be and paused.

    A silver lighting bolt streaked down, through the bright sky.

    The colour as Ade’s fingerglow.


    Sydney’s POV

    The realisation had now hit us all as the Guardian, explained why Ade had so many people trying to kill her.

    “You see, in this Kingdom, the youngest is the one who inherits the throne – the first born is more likely to use younger siblings, not be as great as a ruler as the first child.

    “But the last can learn from theirs, AND their siblings mistakes, from what their siblings have experienced can either make them a good ruler – maybe.”


    My best friend was also the heir to a throne.

    My other friend related to deceased past witches.

    And graduates of the School for Evil.

    I, was the odd one out, a Reader, with no famous family – a nobody in some sense.

    “But if I were keep you here any longer – the ‘Kings’ will find that you are here.

    “Wait- so your not queen?”

    Piper frowned.

    “Not really no, but I’m the Guardian of the Stars – the world outside of this one – the Kings are the ones that set the rules for the people who live in the cities..

    “But they have their own rules to follow – no matter how evil they are.”

    “Oh.” Adeloa was silent. Her black eyes scaring me.

    Then we heard a rumble.

    “The Kings know that your here! They’ll soon be coming, either to kill you or come take you away for their personal purposes. Adeloa darling, in time you soon know more about this place – by the time I’m gone your sisters will be here waiting for you to take the crown.”

    The Guardian’s face was full of worry as she made a flicking motion with her hand.

    We were pushed backwards into another see-through container. Now Ade was moving, trying to stop the door from sliding over the front. I pulled her back as her fingers were nearly cut off.

    I could hear Piper breathing against the walls looking out behind us.

    I turned, and rubbed away the film Piper’s scared, irregular breathing had made.

    Men of many sizes, came running through the double doors, two knights trying in vain to stop them.

    The container started floating upwards. And the men – who I assumed were the Kings stopped beneath us.

    The knights lifted off their helmets, revealing the twins, who then saluted as we dropped down, straight towards the Kings, about to catch us.

    Ade slammed against the walls trying to get out.

    We gained speed as the Kings dived for cover, realising we were about to crash into them.

    Then everything exploded.

    Piper went unconscious.

    Ade was screaming at the top of her lungs.





    Outro Time.

    I hoped you enjoyed this chapter!
    If you want to be tagged just ask!
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        lilystarling replied 2 months, 3 weeks ago

        .*I take a deep breadth, ,all hail the master of cliff hangers*

        Awesome chapter
        You are the queen of suspense for sure

          lulu256 replied 2 months, 3 weeks ago

          ‘ queen of suspense ‘

          I like it.

          Bow to your Queen

        silver13 replied 2 months, 3 weeks ago

        omigosh love this!

        book-lover77 replied 2 months, 3 weeks ago

        Amazing chapter, Queen of awesome cliffhangers

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