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    Previously: Cezmeraix is determined to prove that she can rule a kingdom as well as any male ruler, and Adeloa is sent back down to Gavaldon, her transformation catching the eyes of the Gavaldon citizens.


    Soul Deception

    Written by lulu256

    Chapter 28

    Narrator’s POV

    Autumn had now arrived, and the Second Year for the current School For Good and Evil students had started. No one was sure what to expect, seeing as the events of last year made it uncertain, but most were ready to prove themselves.

    Cezmeraix huffed impatiently while Nathan sat on the Clearing’s grass, picking at it silently.

    They looked quite different, with Cezmeraix inheriting most of her mother’s looks, while Nathan had caramel skin and curly hair, the only thing they had in was common was their glasses and the fact they both were cloaks with their kingdoms symbols.

    Cezme lions, and Nathan Trees.

    “Where are they?”

    “I dunno… what if they could get IN to Gavaldon, but couldn’t get OUT?” Nathan pondered.

    Cezme looked at Nathan.

    He continued picking at the grass.

    Cezme stood up on her tip toes as more students passed through the gates, walking towards awaiting boats to take them back to their prospective schools.

    Someone collided with her, nearly pushing her over.

    “It’s VERY unladylike for a future queen to stumble isn’t it?”


    “What are you looking for anyway, oh let me guess, those three scumbags aren’t you?”

    Cezme would have slapped her face right there and then if it wasn’t for her diginity.

    And Annie knew that.

    That’s why she continued to pick on her.

    Annie was the spitting image of a princess, the chocolate brown hair, clear skin, rather pretty.

    Cezme would never admit she was jealous of that.

    But Annie had just whispered what she’d said, and now pretended she was trying to help Cezme get her balance.

    Two-faced alien.

    Cezme pushed her away, and Annie fell into her ‘boyfriend’.

    “Oh isn’t that quite rude- I was only trying to help-”

    “Annie I’m not deaf,” Nathan suddenly interrupted.

    Annie out on a confused face.


    “You’re a ***** cheat too – always flirting with me right in front of your boyfriend, who is too cowardly to say anything or leave you.”

    Nathan was standing up now.

    “I think it’s best if you leave.”

    Annie and her ‘boyfriend’ weren’t moving.

    Cezme brought her right hand up, a smoky gold lighting up her index finger.

    “I said, I think it’s best if you leave.”

    Annie took one glance at her hand, scowled and went towards a boat.

    “Because of her, we didn’t notice them come in.”

    Cezme glanced towards the gate. Piper was there, trying to call them over. She was a little upset she hadn’t spotted them first, but she couldn’t allow such a petty thing make her upset. She had turned 13 a few days ago.

    “Let’s go.”

    Cezmearix walked away, while Nathan looked longingly at his picked grass patch before following her.



    Nathan stared at Adeloa while the other three talked.

    Adeloa shifted uncomfortably under his stunned gaze. Adeloa had come into the school wearing a cloak, hiding her new skin tone, and now that cloak lay folded beside her as they waited for the time to go to the 2nd year Welcoming.

    “Why did you not write a letter?”

    “Well the letter wouldn’t have reached you in tim-” Piper hit back.

    “And what about Shadow?” Cezme said.

    “The dam.n swan can’t get inside Gavaldon *****,” Sydney said.

    Sydney wasn’t a fan of Shadow.

    “How in the world did have I not heard about this ‘Cloud Kingdom’ in the first place!” Nathan screeched.

    He reached for one of his small bags- the rest were in his room and this one was full of books.

    “You’ll never find it in a book.”

    Nathan huffed.

    “Stories about this place was probably lost ages ago,” he guessed.


    The others waited for Adeloa to continue.

    She stared back at them.



    Adeloa looked around, looking for something to use to distract them, when she heard chattering outside the window.

    “The Welcoming!”


    The five students quickly scooted into place, last in the line of Evers, walking down the Evil hallways.

    “So how was the holidays in general?” Nathan asked this, fiddling with his green cloak strings.

    “Gavaldon? It was pretty different from the Woods, with no signs of magic at ALL. Then your grandpa told us we weren’t supposed to use our magic in public – only in emergences.” Piper explained.

    Cezmeraix made a face at the word ‘grandpa’.

    “And my family were away in another part of town, so Grandpa Sid had to stay over at my house.” Sydney sighed.

    “I miss my sister.”

    The line started quietening down as the first of the Evers entered the Theatre.


    Of course, the Nevers were there waiting for them, waving black flags and cheering. Though the unruly ones were quiet, their stares enough for you to look away.


    And of of course the Evers didn’t go down without a challenge. They waved their white flags, filling the pews on their side.

    “SHUT UP!”

    In a matter of seconds the Nevers were silent, their flags tucked away, sitting down. The Evers followed in suit and soon the Theatre was silent.


    Pollux cleared his throat, which seemed unnecessary at the time. He gave Castor a long look before continuing to speak.

    “Welcome back students, to another year here. Let’s hope you holiday was nice. But let’s get straight to the point. This year will be a little different from your first year – it is Tracking Year after all and I’m sure all of you wish to do well.

    “Some of you will be tracked as Leaders – kings, queens, maybe even tyrants for some of you. And of course we all have some expectations. From some of you we expect only perfection – future kings and queens – ruling your own Nevermore, kingdowms and such.

    “But the rest – you need to prove yourself, to show that you aren’t some ***** are a… how do I put this… a mistake.”

    Half the eyes in that room slid over to Piper.

    She stared straight ahead, her face clear of any emotion.

    She was worried.

    “But – the worst thing that could ever happen is… to fail. Rules have changed over the years and now you get sent home. Period. Now… we don’t want that to happen do we?”


    Pollux cleared his throat. He didn’t know what to say, but they’d barely been in this room for fifteen minutes, and they weren’t allowed to end assemblies until thirty minutes were over.

    Castor glared at the crowd. His eyes narrowed and he inspected every person. Something was off and he could smell it. He started on the Never side and when his eyes left them, travelling along the Ever side, Evil students let out sighs of relief.


    The Evers were petrified.


    He was talking to Piper and Sydney. Piper turned red, furious at the name, while Sydney slouched, trying to hide from the smirks and stares.

    Adeloa was in between them.

    Her cloak hood was up, covering her face.

    “Castor-” Pollux protested, trying to cover his ears.

    “Alright, alright. I’ll be more quiet… Adeloaf or something is it? Did you not read the rules? HOODS DOWN IN THE THEATRE!”


    “Sorry, sorry. PUT YOUR HOOD DOWN OR I’M COMING TO WHIP YOUR BUT.T!” Castor yelled, ignoring Pollux’s moans.

    Adeloa was frozen. She couldn’t put her hood down. Then everyone would see her starry skin, the eyes. She didn’t know how they’d react, and she felt the reaction wouldn’t be a good one, but she didn’t want Castor to ‘whip her but.t’ as he’d said it.

    Now everyone was staring, expectant.

    And as Piper would have said it.



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        this was GREAT and omg same, but I was watching videos of Five *smiles dreamily* ANYHOO, great job!!

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