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    Word of Warning

    This is going to be a chapter that is twice as long as normal as I missed two days due to School Work. I’m sorry, but not more sorry than I feel for myself.

    And gory images.

    Previously: If you have been keeping up with the story, you’d know that Adeloa has turned into a ‘Galaxian’ – but Castor threatens her – if she doesn’t put her hood down in the Theatre…


    Soul Deception

    Written lulu256

    Chapter 29

    Piper’s POV

    I didn’t really see what Ade was scared of – I thought her new skin colour was cool, and it had given her a sure amount of confidence – she wasn’t that scared of being in the spotlight and I’m sure nothing bad would happen.

    “Just do it, what’s the worst that could happen?”

    Ade looked at me and sighed.


    She pulled down her hood quickly and made a face at me.


    Adeloa sat down quickly. People from all over the the theatre stared at the girl beside me, mouths dropping open, glares and smirks.


    And just like that everyone’s attention was now faced back at the front.

    I smiled in my seat as Castor glared at everyone as Pollux talked.

    Good dog.


    “I hate the food here.”

    “Well it’s not my fault you don’t eat cheese.”

    I frowned at the cheese quiche that sat on the plate before me. At this school there was only one option – and I have to eat something. It if I can at the time – I will. But I will not eat cheese. Especially before the first lessons of the day.

    Cezme ate her food like a good girl, while Sydney tried to not eat her food to quickly. Nathan, just ate food – if it was edible and not poisonous, he’d eat it. Not a surprise really. Ade couldn’t touch her food – she kept receiving stares and looked really uncomfortable. I poked at the food.

    Two pupils, one was called Kishi I think and the other Hannah, both minions for Annie, walked past us whispering.

    “Her skin is so sparkly!” Hannah said.

    “I know!”

    Ade looked down at her plate.

    “Excuse me.”

    Ade stood up quickly and dashed in the direction of the toilets.

    We all looked at each other.

    “That was nice,” Nathan finally said.

    His plate was clean.

    He looked around, still hungry.


    “You not eating that?”

    I rolled my eyes and pushed my plate towards him.

    “You just like my father,” Cezme remarked.

    Nathan paused.

    “Isn’t that a good thing?”

    We stared at him.

    “Yes and no.” Cezme concluded.

    After a minute of listening to my stomach rumble, I sighed and stood up.

    “I’ll be going now.”

    “My best friend has left and the goth is going-”

    Cezme’s eyes flashed and she glared at Sydney.

    “Um. I’ll be going now.”

    She dashed off as I wandered towards Hansel’s Haven – sweets weren’t my favourite thing to eat, but they were the only thing to eat right now.


    I was caught.

    And now I was hungry. And now I sat in the first class we had. Worst thing was, I was grumpy. Or as Sydney would put it, hangry.

    “ Today we will be practising our fainting today.”

    I coughed.

    “Piper if you wish to fail, you may do so,” snapped Pollux.

    My face turned red.

    So he’d heard how I’d come last in my first two classes today.


    And the thing is, I knew that Annie was going to use this information. She was in my etiquette class for princesses – one of my least favourite classes.

    “Not a surprise really, seeing as your not an Ever. It will be nice to see you toddle out of this school, won’t it?”

    She had deliberately sat next to me in class.

    “Annie, your next.”

    She smirked at me, as I ignored her.

    “You can’t ignore me forever you know.”

    She went to the front, a smile on her smug face, as the person before her had sat down.

    Everything about that girl made me want to scream. She was an Ever – I was supposed to know that someone like her would try to tease me – and a real Never would not feel hurt by it. Probably that’s why I was put in this school.

    I watched Annie faint at each scenario that Pollux played in her head.

    “I’m sorry.”

    I frowned as Kishi slid across the bench next to me.

    I grunted.

    I didn’t want to talk to her mainly because she was one of Annie’s mindless fools. It was obvious. The same hairstyle the make up they wore so that it seemed they were **** – it was rather silly really.

    “I know I shouldn’t be friends with her,” Kishi gabbled, “but if I leave her I’ll have no frieends no one to talk to, because everyone hates Annie, so that means she hates me.” she said.

    She said that so quickly that it took me a few seconds to understand what she had just said.

    “And every day she gets angry at one of us for stealing her spotlight or being pretty at us and she won’t talk to us.”

    I admit I’d started to feel sorry for her, but I still didn’t understand why she was telling me this.

    “And your telling me this why?”

    “Because I need you help. Because you are the only one who will listen.”

    I raised an eyebrow.

    She sighed as Annie fainted again.

    “I want real friends.”

    I froze.

    I remember, now, six years ago, in the Camelot gardens. We were playing hide and seek and and Cezme and I had hid together in small hole under a Willow tree.

    ”Why do you want to be friends with me? Out of all the princesses and princes out there you want to be friends with me? Why?”

    “I guess they’re are friends… but-”

    “Out of all of them you want to be friends with me…” I whispered.

    “I guess they are friends but…” Cezme whispered back.

    She held my hand tightly.

    “I want real friends.”


    “UM.. Piper!”

    I blinked.

    “Pollux just said that you will be after Annie, last.” Kishi mumbled.

    “Okay I will help you. Meet me in the Clearing, after the fairy’s second bedroom check- which floor are you on?”

    “Top. Why?”

    “I’ll explain tonight. Now go!”

    Kishi slid back to her spot, just as Annie walked down our row and sat next to her. The smile that Kishi gave her made me confused. It looked so real…

    What if it was all a trick?

    I shook my head, standing up and walking up to the front. Snickers and smirks erupted as I sat in the chair at the front, facing the class.

    “Well, you decided there was a chance you wouldn’t come last?” Pollux said, handing me a blind

    The class laughed.

    I leaned forward towards him.

    “You don’t think I know the most basic curse to put on a dog?”

    Pollux obviously knew which curse I was talking about. And it wasn’t even a curse at all. Something that is normally white, round, and you can out on a dog’s neck…

    “Now, Piper, some images will appear and if you faint to even one of them, you won’t fail.”


    “Look at how confident she’s acting.”
    “At least we know she’ll fail this one – she’s a witch and witches don’t faint.”
    “We all know she was a mistake.”
    “I can’t wait to see her leave!”

    I seemed the hate for Evil people had only multiplied. Or maybe, the hate for me.

    I tied the blindfold over my eyes, my hands shaking slightly. I didn’t know why that was happening.

    My vision turned cloudy grey.

    A ****** leg wound appeared. It wasn’t much. I’ve seen worse then that.


    Pollux was counting.

    This time a dead person insides were spilling onto the ground. Disgusting but not really something you would faint at.


    I went through each of the visions, without feeling faint or fainting.

    I just felt disgusted right now. This was the School for Good! Why did they have pictures like this?


    The last vision started appearing. A faceless person was wearing ragged clothes, the skeleton showing – I was about to fail – the image was about to disappear-

    For months now, it had left me alone, I thought it was gone but-

    I was obviously wrong.

    The skeleton started looking like it. It suddenly stood up, hair sprouted all over – the red eyes, the teeth. The nightmares were coming back and there was nothing to stop them.

    I screamed as it ran towards me, it’s face now in mine.

    “YOU!” it roared.

    He raised his paw up, only to bring it down, towards my stomach.



    Kishi’s POV

    I admired Piper. That’s why I’d gone along with Annie’s plan to ‘mess with her head’. The thing is, I ended up asking her for help and now I had to lie to Annie. I said that she wanted to meet me after the first bedroom check outside of Dean Kiko’s Study.

    The thing is, I act like I’m stupid. I’m not. Far from that. Ever since the first day, I’ve been mentally taking down notes about everyone, the personality, classes and timetables. It’s just the way I’ve always been. So I know that after the first check, Dean Kiko comes back from a nightly walk in the Blue Forest – she’ll catch Annie. By then, I’ll probably be ready to unfriend her.

    So that meant Piper COULD NOT fail. If she did that would be a tragedy in itself, but then I know I will never get rid of Annie.


    Annie smirked as Piper made a face. Her leg was vibrating. Annie’s smile grew.

    Piper was scared. No matter how much she disliked the School for Good, she would rather stay here then leave all together.


    Whispers suddenly filled the silence.

    “Not you!” Piper yelled, “go away!”

    People were starting to stare and the last image was beginning to last way longer than it was supposed to.

    Something was wrong. Pollux was trying to get the blindfold off Piper’s head, but now she was kicking and screaming, tears falling down her face. The fairy’s chimes rang around the whole school but no one could move. Piper was shaking so much and her screams where the only thing that could be heard in the room.

    Annie put her hand up to her mouth – this was the first time I’d seen her show any sorts of emotion apart from her anger and smugness – this was scaring her.

    The door opened as Pollux was flung off the small podium at the front.

    It was a teacher wondering what was happening. But I seemed to be the only one who acknowledged the fact.

    Then Piper’s screams fell silent.

    She froze.

    She fainted and rolled onto the ground in a heap.

    She had done it.


    I’ve been working on this for three hours to make this perfect, and now I need to cry for tiredness.

    Goodbye hoomans.


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