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    lunadragon posted an update 1 year, 9 months ago

    @thecoven4ever @evilerruler845 and @spyingclimber
    Here are my answers for the welcoming committee.
    #1 I think I would be good for the “job” because I do my fair share of roleplaying and I would like to help others understand the concepts of RPing.
    #2 Any new people joining a RP should be aware that they are not the only character/person in the story, meaning they are not the main character in the RP. (Unless everyone has come to an agreement on that.) Also they should make sure not to write anything inappropriate, and if after the fact of (posting) they see major spelling or wording errors they should comment what they meant to say so no one gets to confused.
    #3 So here is what I would say to any new members. 🙂
    Hi @____, welcome to the roleplaying community! I will be explaining how to roleplay.
    I will start by telling you about character bios.
    I will make you a “template” of one and if you want you can copy and paste it and make your bio! 🙂
    Weapon- (weapons are optional)
    Backstory-(also optional)
    Make sure to post the bio on the same group the RP is in,(RP is short for roleplay by the way.)
    Side Note-Make sure your character is not over powered and make sure he or she has both good traits and bad traits.
    You must also realize your character is not the only or main one in the story. You must cooperate with the other RPers and not make your character the center of attention.
    If you want to ensure the person who created the RP sees your bio you can tag them, if you don’t know how to tag all you do is put the @ sign before typing that person’s user.
    Once someone has confirmed you may join their roleplay make sure you know what is happening in the story, and ask if you may start typing. Before I show you an example of a Roleplay between two people take note that the roleplay will most likely be in comment chains. A comment chain is when several people keep commenting, on one persons post making an on going story. WARNING the comment chains may go on for a long time, meaning there will most likely be more than 100 comments on it, so don’t keep pestering the person in ‘charge’ to make a new chain, they will make one when they feel it’s necessary.
    Now I will show you an example of a roleplay going between two people.
    Kevin pov,(POV means, point of view)
    I walked to class excitedly, I ran down the stairs when suddenly I bumped into someone and we both fell down. I got up and said, “Sorry!” I helped the girl up. I felt my cheeks blush. “Uh, well I better be going now..” with that I run off.

    Sarah pov
    I stood on the last step dumbly as I watched the boy run off to class. Once I realized I was late, I gasped and ran off just as the boy had done.
    So that’s an example of a roleplay between two people.
    Note-you can write in any perspective you want though usually people use first person, meaning you write as if you yourself were in the story, (example-) I walked into the room.
    When roleplaying, if there is something you want someone else’s character to do make sure you ask them if it is alright to type what happened to their character.
    Example-I kicked Lucy and watched her stumble to the floor and cry.
    The reason you ask is because the person who roleplay’s as the character may not want this to happen to he/she. You can say what your character does to the other like this. I kicked Lucy. How ever do not type the other character’s reaction.
    So I think I’ve explained everything, (if not mostly everything,) you will need to know for roleplaying. I hope this was helpful have fun!! 🙂

        thecoven4ever replied 1 year, 9 months ago

        Great, we’ll discuss it!

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