tagathahophieotps posted an update in the group SGE MOVIE FANTASY CASTING 3 years ago

    Some of my nominations for teachers:

    Prof. Dovey: Maggie Smith

    Lady Lesso: Helena Bonham Carter / Lana Parrilla (#ReginaTheEvilSASSqueen)

        tagathahophieotps replied 3 years ago

        Right and also

        Princess Uma: Angelina Jolie / Selena Gomez

        Evelyn Sader: Eva Green

        August Sader: Eddie Redmayne (idk if he’ll be too young)

        Rafal: Um… my brain automatically went to “My List of Celebrity Crushes” but most of them are in their late twenties or even thirties… and he’s supposed to LOOK sixteen… DOES ANYONE HAVE ANYTHING???…[Read more]