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    lylaskates posted an update in the group Website Central 7 months ago

    okay– question– I know how to insert links to images, but how do people get the image to show up without having to click on the link?? (idk who to tag for this)

        doveys-apprentice replied 7 months ago

        Google the picture that you want. Click on the picture and then right click on it and select “Copy Image Address”. Then type the following formula into the posting box and paste the image address between the quotation marks (keeping the quotation marks when you post it, also make sure that there’s a space between “img” and “src”):
        <img src=”image address goes here”>
        Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

          doveys-apprentice replied 7 months ago

          This formula works for gifs too

        lylaskates replied 7 months ago


          doveys-apprentice replied 7 months ago

          Of course!!

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