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    This is my story. If you have not read my bio then it will explain itself.
    @princezzdot thanks for the advice!
    @evilrruler845 also thanks!
    chapter 1
    The word echoed in Gina’s head. TOMORROW. It rang like a bell. Tomorrow, two children, one good, one evil, would be taken to the School for Good and Evil. She walked in to the village, dressed as usual, her denim jacket, jeans, red shirt and yellow bandanna around her neck, a gift from Gaston, her father. She reached the schoolhouse, Everwick Acadamy. Kids were whispering as she walked to her desk. The kids always whispered, because of her sexuality, but this time more of because they thought she would be taken to the School of Evil. After school, she did her homework, ate dinner and quickly fell asleep. She woke up to be in the forest, cold hands wrapped around her.

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