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    maddylovesbooks posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 6 months ago

    Hello everyone!
    So since I really like doing oneshots, I am humbly asking for your short writing prompts (so, for example, a couple of sentences) and I will write off of them! I might make my own, too– but they’ll be short. So just lemme know if you wanna be tagged for them and feel free to give a writing prompt! 😀
    Note: I won’t tag you again if you don’t ask to be tagged this time

    “I didn’t ask for this, Pan– I could take them down on my own.”
    Peter Pan slammed ******* the brakes and swerved into the nearest parking lot and turned to the backseat, his eyes blazing with fire.
    “Well, newsflash, handless! The FolkLore Council of stuffy greats has decided that good ol’ classic tale Peter Pan got a bit too classic for their liking!” he roared at Captain Hook. Pan’s usually playfully mussed mop of red hair was now tossed all over the place like a street rat and his brown eyes were wild and angry. “We’re going to be Erased, Hook! They already got Wendy and the Lost Boys– betcha Smee’s going now too–”
    At this, Hook got mad. He reached over the dashboard of the stolen FairytaleMobile (the standard transport in the world where all fairytales lived peacefully, FolkLore– similar to a modern-day car) and attempted to stab Peter with his hook. “Don’t you dare bring up Smee, Pan! Me old mate…” He seemed to get lost in memories of the olden days, terrorizing children and crocodiles on the daily. Then he snapped out of his reverie. “So they’re trapping us in the book, eh?” he mused, stroking his mustache with one long finger. “Wondered how long it’d be until they Erased us.”
    Erasing was the most standard way to get rid of a Tale in FolkLore– a Tale that had gotten told and retold and was slowly losing popularity, or that was making trouble.
    Peter Pan wasn’t making trouble, it had just gotten old. So the FolkLord Council, which was composed of all the Greats in fairytales (Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, etc) decided to erase it to make way for new stories. Erasing was where the characters disappeared into a book with a special process and then the book was stored in the Library, which contained Hansel and Gretel, Pinocchio, and Goldilocks– all tales that had grown cold.
    That was the reality of fairytales. Not even the greats were that good and had opted to, essentially, kill the old tales.
    Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up, was now a 20-or-so year-old man. Tinkerbell had died. Smee became addicted to ciga.rettes and retired to live as a senior citizen. Wendy was a social recluse. The Lost Boys were now more like The Lost Fraternity Group. The Tick-Tock-Croc was now made into clothing. And Captain Hook was dying out grey hairs on the daily, struggling to keep his mustache smooth.
    Safe to say the magic had worn off, leaving the once-golden tale more of a dull bronze.
    Peter Pan got out of the car and kicked an empty soda can, sending it skittering across the empty parking lot. “So we’re going to essentially die unless we do something!”
    Hook exited the car with surprising grace, considering his age, and scoffed. “Look at you, you pathetic poser. Once, you were the great Lost Boy who was hauling major girls. Now you’re just an unshaven half-***** who spends all day with your Castle™ gaming system!” the ex-pirate scoffed.
    Pan turned on his mortal enemy and jabbed a finger in his chest. “You’re one to talk! Used to be captain of the greatest vessel to sail the seas but now you’ve been reduced to this! You even have a potbelly! Lay off of the chicken, Hookie Boy–”
    “Shut it, Pan!” he snarled. “You need to watch your mouth! The boy who never grows up… here in front of me… a middle-aged-man.”
    “I’m barely 23,” Peter defended. “My birthday was actually–”
    “I don’t give two crocodiles about your birthday! My point is… I’ve lost me good mate Smee. I’ve lost that stupid crocodile. I even lost me hand! I didn’t go through all of that to lose my archnemesis, too,” Captain Hook admitted. “We have to fight the system, Pan. I’m not saying I care about you– in face, I quite hate you. But I’m not letting you die too without vengeance.”
    Peter Pan glared for a moment, then heard sobbing from behind a nearby trash bag. He held up one finger and pulled aside the garbage bag to reveal…
    A sobbing Alice in Wonderland. Or at least who used to be Alice.
    Her hair was cropped in a short bob and she was wearing a blue shirt and ratty sweatpants. The only sign that she was truly Alice was that she was clinging to a dusty old hat that was clearly from her old chum, the Mad Hatter’s. “They’re going to erase me,” she cried softly, almost to herself. “But I still have so much to explore… and the Hatter did too. I have to carry this out–”
    Her head snapped up to Peter Pan. “Who…”
    If it were any other person, he may have been offended. Well, even if it was another person, he wouldn’t have been. He didn’t look like the boyish, charming lad that ‘Peter Pan’ was supposed to be, he looked like a 23-year-old Fortnite gamer.
    “I’m Peter Pan– and I’m going to be Erased too,” he whispered. “Can you help me?”
    Alice stood up, brushing the leaves and dirt out of her ratty hair. She looked to be about the same age as Pan. “You… want my help?”
    “What do you have to carry out?”
    A yell came from behind them and the two looked to see Captain Hook being ****** into a page of swirling ink. Beneath the ink, there was a horrible collection of swirling, dead, gray faces– Smee, John Darling, Wendy Darling… And soon Hook joined those faces.
    “RUN!” Peter yelled, grabbing Alice’s hand and pulling her towards the trees to hide.
    “I have a plan,” she gasped.
    “A plan…” Peter muttered. “We need a plan–!”
    Alice screamed as tendrils of ink grabbed Peter and pulled him towards the book, kicking and gasping.
    Her thoughts raced. How could she help him?
    Aight tags–


        maddylovesbooks replied 6 months ago

        1st starred word- ha.rd on
        2nd starred word- dr.unk
        3rd starred word- suc.ked

        2iycrb2qawutob replied 6 months ago

        Please tag me and here’s a prompt – Ariel’s enemy Ursula is thought to have been long dead, however when she rearises from the grave, all heck breaks loose. And now that Ariel is a mum it’s harder to fight bc she has to protect her family.

        zee110 replied 6 months ago

        OH MY GOD MADDY— THIS IS SO SO SO GOOD!! Definitely tag me for future ones. Here are some I have:
        1. “A child is kidnapped. The monsters under their bed and in their closet vow to find them and the kidnapper.” (I personally was going to do something like this, but it never happened)
        2. “You’re a nurse taking care of a patient who has been doing in a ten year coma. They suddenly wake up, grab your arm, fully alert, and say, “Quick, we don’t have much time, so listen up.””
        3. A person is cursed by the gods to kill any person they fall in love with. They fall in love with someone who was cursed/blessed with immortality.”
        4. “You live in a world where your soulmate is unable to hurt you, intentionally or otherwise. You are fighting in a war, when one of the enemies knives harmlessly glances off you.”
        5. “You have dimensia, a rare condition in which you occasionally wake up in random dimensions.”

        If you need anymore, just tag me and I’ll be more than happy to give some more!!

        snakelover replied 6 months ago

        OH WHAT MADDY!!!!! your sge lufe story, for one lol.



        *for vayda* KEEFE IN A DEEP DARK DITCH WITH ONLY MRS. STINKBOTTOM WHILE VAYDA AND GISELA RUN CREEPY *turns on caps lock* EXPERIMENTS *cykeefe was the closest thing to something that’s not that lol*

        Mother Gothel is now a shadow. A shadow of a Darjae, the wicked fairies sent into the world to destroy others. But she never meant to be one… *actually dont do that one until i give you the ok cuz i might do it*

          vaydacapricorn replied 6 months ago

          I’ll be the one to shove Keefe in a ditch

          princessofthecoven replied 6 months ago

          May I help.

          zee110 replied 6 months ago

          I— the way you guys say it so easily and normally- I’m here for it 😂

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