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    magic19 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 years, 4 months ago

    Hey guys! So I finally finished Chapter 1 and 2, along with two new bios for two new characters. I hope you like it!!

    Name: Harper Addington of Gloelia
    Finger glow: Blue
    School: Good
    Backstory: Harper loved reading! Not a big surprise being the great-granddaughter of Belle. She grew up in the kingdom of Gloelia, living in the castle.
    Personality: Perky, Smart, Authoritative
    Appearance: She has ice blonde hair, it almost looks white. Blue eyes, and fair skin on the lighter side.
    Flaws: Sometimes people think she is bossy, and doesn’t take anything seriously. She has trouble keeping up with her grades and social life, especially because so much is expected of her.
    Likes: Books, Hanging with her friends, Sleepovers, Animals, and guys!
    Dislikes: closed spaces, rainy days

    Name: Savannah
    Finger glow: Red
    School: Good
    Backstory: She used to be best friends with Alyssa, but decided she was better off. She is pretty and she knows it. She plans to be the best, most beautiful girl at the school.
    Personality: Snarky, Determined, Apathetic
    Appearance: She has blonde hair, and sparkling blue eyes. Full lips and fair skin.
    Flaws: She can come off mean and inconsiderate, and she trust issues. People always expect her to be as good as her parents, since she is the great-granddaughter of Cinderella and Prince Charming.
    Likes: Makeup, Dresses, Pink, Shoes!
    Dislikes: Dirt, Unorganized things

    Chapter 1
    Goodbye to the Roses

    Alyssa’s POV:
    I slowly leaned in, inhaling the beautiful scent of roses. I gingerly lowered my hand to a beautiful red one, it’s petals full and spiraling in color. The morning dew had left drops of water on it’s petals, but I didn’t mind the cold wetness. With a snap the rose broke off the branch. I raised the rose to my nose, smelling the sweet scent. I continued walking down the rows and rows of roses. I kept walking, past the daisies, lilies, daffodils, marigolds, tulips, primroses, and every flower you can name. I could live here, in this world, where no one but the flowers would judge me, their beautiful scents filling the air, their soft petals floating through the air. I sighed deeply, thinking of the beautiful flowers. Suddenly I heard a chirp, and looked up to see a beautiful blue bird. I lifted my hand and it floated down to rest on it. “Hey little birdie,” I cooed. It looked up at me, cocking its head. It lifted it’s foot and I noticed a letter attached to it. I carefully removed the letter and opened it.
    Meet me at the well!
    How cryptic? I thought. I looked at the bird. It spreads its feathers, and takes off into the sky. I glanced down at the letter, hesitating. Why not? I rushed past the flowers, their colors swirling around me and their scents rising into the air, until I soon burst through the garden entrance. I ran down the hill, skidding to a stop at the well. A girl was leaning over the edge. “Savannah?” I neared the well and the girl looked up. She smiled. Savannah was the most beautiful girl ever. She was also my friend. She didn’t live here, she lived in our neighboring kingdom, Caremar where she was the duchess to be. We had met at some party, and became friends. I rushed up and gave her a hug. “Why are you here?” I asked. She gave me a big smile, her beautiful blue eyes practically glowing.
    “I got accepted into the School for Good!!” she announced, her smile growing bigger. I gasped.
    “That’s amazing!” I squealed. She laughed, her laugh soft and beautiful, like bells. Flipping her hair she looked at me.
    “What about you? Have you gotten your letter?” She raised her eyebrow in question. I shook my head, looking at the ground in mortification. I wish I had, most of my friends had gotten theirs. “Well I’m sorry to hear. Some just aren’t meant to be great kings and queens,” she sneered. My head snapped up. Savannah was leaning against the well. The setting sun fell on her, making her glow. She was perfect. Better. Better than me. Suddenly my eyes narrowed.
    “What does that mean?” I snapped. She looked up and met my cold stare.
    “You know. Some people are too soft, too weak, to rule a kingdom,” she snarled, “But it’s the people who take what they want that will get their Ever After!” I felt shattered, crushed, broken. No! That’s what she wants. I took a deep breath.
    “Well, those people should probably not hang out with people like me. Don’t you have some packing to do,” I replied, my voice almost a whisper. She gave me a pitied look.
    “Yeah, I better go. I have to make a good impression,” With that she was gone. I turned around and ran. I ran up the hill and past the rose garden. I ran through the castle, past maids, cooks, and butlers. I ran past rooms and rooms until I reached mine. I then finally collapsed on my bed in sobs. Why? Is what she said true? Am I really too soft, too weak? Thoughts flooded my head, until I was lost, in pieces. The rapping at my door snapped me out of it. I quickly dried my tears, and said in a wobbly voice to come in. My mother came in, smiling at me.
    “Hey honey, how are you?” she asked, walking over to the bed. She plopped down at the edge.
    “Good,” I muttered.
    “Well I have some great news!” she said. Then she handed me a letter, crisp edges, neat and nice. I carefully took it from her hands.
    “I’ll leave you to read it,” she said, getting up and walking to the door. “Don’t forget to say bye before you leave!” The door slammed behind her. I glanced down at the letter, now my curiosity piqued. I opened the letter and gasped.

    Dear Alyssa Primrose of Rose Garden,
    You have been invited to attend the School for Good! Included in the letter is your flower ground pass. Find your flower ground station at precisely nine o’clock on the first full moon of September. We are excited to have you! Your Ever After waits!

    Clarissa Dovey the Dean for the School of Good

    I had gotten my letter after all! I immediately thought of Savannah and the bitterness when she said I wasn’t fit to be a queen. Oh, I’ll show her! I had gotten my letter, the School for Good had accepted me, and I can be strong. She will be sorry she ever doubted me!

    Chapter 2
    Plant Trains, Schedules, and Mean Girls

    Eve’s POV:
    E-V-E. Short. Simple. It can be spelled backwards, and no one says it wrong. Yet on my acceptance letter it says Dear Evelyn which may be my full name, but I barely use it. I almost hand the letter back to my mom and say it isn’t me and the letter was delivered to the wrong address, but it wasn’t. It is for me. I check the time. I have exactly one hour to pack and get on the Flowerground. My mother is squealing, and rushing around getting this, and that. I groan, tossing the letter on my bed. I start to pull things out of my closet. It is going to be a long hour.

    I stare at the mirror. I am wearing a pretty peach dress, and baby blue heels. My hair is curled and let down. I don’t look bad, which is big for me. I guess I must learn to embrace the princesses-ness. At least their will be cute boys, I remind myself, as I leave the castle. Soon I find myself dragging a trunk up a hill to the tree. The cool night air dries my sweat. You see, the problem is, no matter how hard I try to be a princess, I can’t. I’m not graceful, because I always trip. I’m not social, because I’m locked in the castle most of the time, due to my overprotective mother. I’ve watched life happen through a window in other words. Now it’s my turn. I hope I’m not too late. As I reach the top of the hill, I see the tree. Suddenly a caterpillar appears, magically. I hand him my Flowerground pass, which he scans and hands back to me. “No spitting, sneezing, singing, sniffling, swinging, swearing, slapping, sleeping, or urinating in the Flowerground. Violations will result in removal of clothing!” With that I was pulled under the ground, until I found myself aboard a train of plants. Zipping through, colors swirling around me, I heard a small voice.
    “Hello, what’s your name?” chirped the girl beside me. She had on a baby blue dress, with full sleeves. Her short, shoulder-length hair was so blonde it was almost white, and she had sparking blue eyes, full lips and fair skin.
    “Eve,” I replied, giving her a small smile.
    “My name is Harper. I’m so excited! I can’t believe this is actually happening!” She gave a squeal of delight.
    “Yeah,” I muttered. I felt myself get pulled up into the air, and pop out of the ground. I immediately saw glowing dots, which I soon realized were fairies, pick up my trunk and carry it off. Looking up, I saw a beautiful crystal castle, shimmering and glowing in the light. I quickly stood up and regained my posture. I will not make a bad impression! I noticed all the girls were walking toward the castle and I quickly followed. As I neared the castle entrance, someone tapped my shoulder. I whipped my head around.
    “Hey! The castle is so cool, don’t you think! And there are so many girls and they are all so pretty!” It was Harper. She squealed and grabbed my hand pulling me through the crowd. As we entered the school, we realized the walls were made of mirrors, and other girls were admiring them. I caught a glimpse of myself but quickly turned away. Prof. Dovey, who was also the Dean for the School of Good, was standing at the front, the teachers all behind her. The foyer was big with two pink crystal staircases on one side and two blue ones on the other. CHARITY, PURITY, HONOR, and VALOR were written in gold on the staircases. I saw nymphs handing out our schedules, and uniforms. Harper practically dragged me to them. When the nymph handed my schedule to me, I took it and quickly scanned it.

    Eve of Sunglow Hill
    GOOD, 1st Year
    Charity Tower 58
    1: Princess Etiquette Pollux
    2: History of Heroism Prof. August Sader
    3: Beautification Prof. Emma Anemone
    4: Good Deeds Prof. Clarissa Dovey
    5: Lunch
    6: Surviving Fairy Tales Barren the dwarf
    (Forest Group #6)
    7: Animal Communication Princess Uma

    “Ooh! What do you have?” asked Harper, leaning over my paper. She let out a squeal. “We’re roomies! We also have Princess Etiquette, Good Deeds, and Surviving Fairytales together!” she gushed.
    “Come one,” I replied walking up the CHARITY, staircase. She followed me. Soon we reached the top.
    “Did you know there will be boys at the Welcoming?” Harper said. I shook my head. “Oh, I can’t wait! To be swirling in a beautiful dress, under the stars, with my perfect prince,” she sighed, spinning around. It actually sounded…….nice. I looked up, and saw Harper spin, and spin. I thought of spinning, dancing, floating. Warm arms around my waist, looking up into and seeing a prince, a handsome prince. My handsome prince. As we turned the corner I looked up. Bam! I stumbled forward but braced myself on the wall. The girl I had bumped into lay on the floor. She had beautiful golden hair, striking blue eyes, tan skin and full lips.
    “Oh I’m so sorry!” I mumbled, holding out a hand.
    “UGH! Watch where you’re going!!” she exclaimed, slapping my hand away. “Zoey!” A red haired girl, with green eyes, apparently Zoey, ran up and helped the blonde girl up. The blonde girl looked at me, narrowing her eyes. She looked like she was going to yell at me, but before she could, a short brown haired girl with wide brown eyes ran up and whispered something in her ear. I heard words like good deed, impression, and nobody. After she finished, the blonde girl nodded. She turned her attention back to me.
    “I’m Savannah, what’s your name?” she said, giving me a fake smile. I could almost hear the bitterness in her voice.
    “Eve,” I replied, glaring at her. I already hated this girl.
    “Well nice to meet you, Eve,” she sneered, putting emphasis on my name. “Next time watch out!” she hissed. “Zoey, Addison,” Savannah whipped around and walked away, with the red haired girl, Zoey, and the brown haired girl, Addison following closely behind. We listened until the click-clack of Savannah’s heels could barely be heard, and all was left was silence. Harper turned to look at me, her eyes as big as saucers. I looked away. I leaned down and picked up my stuff. “Come, I think our room is here,” I muttered, walking a few steps. Harper ran up to me. 55, 56, 57……58! I turned to Harper. She looked down at her schedule, then looked back up, nodding. I took a deep breath and pushed open the door.

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        WOW, thats really good, TAG ME PLESSS

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          Thanks, I will definitely do that.

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