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    maiaapple3 posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 1 year, 5 months ago

    Name: Amara
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Sensitive, Cheeky, Quiet
    Appearance: Honey skin, pixie cut chestnut hair with metallic highlight, shimmery scales on collarbone neck area, short, emerald eyes, plump lips, freckles on bridge of nose.
    Strengths: Performing, (singing, dancing, acting) Sports.
    Flaws: Academic activities, making friends, trusting people, low resilience
    Friends: Cyndi, Jamy, Ria
    Enemies: None – yet!
    Crushes: None – yet!

    Hi, I’m Amara, a first-year student at the School for Good. My mother is a mermaid from mermaid lagoon, and I expect my father was a lost boy from Neverland, though mother tells me he was a Merking! I am mostly human, apart from some fishlike characteristics, so this cannot be true. Anyway, I grew up with only my mother, who, safe to say, wasn’t the best mother. She was reckless and bitter – overjoyed when I was accepted into a School far away from her! All the other girls had fairytale upbringings, complete with two loving parents. I’ve made friends, yes, but they aren’t the kind of friends I always imagined. They show off to each other, and they take themselves far too seriously. Well, maybe I’m just bitter like my mother. At least they’re not mean, or helplessly intelligent, because that would make me feel just awful. I survive classes by skipping lunch to study, and even with that I still rank bottom half every lesson. I know – I just know – my fate is to be a mogreif, and by the way, the boys whisper about my scaled collarbone and shimmery hair – I’ll most likely end up a fish or a piece of seaweed. Maybe I’d better just embrace my fate as it is.

    It was raining outside, so I came in from outside to work on my diary. My roommates Ria and Cyndi both ranked top half for the first time and are currently in the Groom Room. They were so excited they completely forgot that bragging about the Groom Room wasn’t the kindest thing to do in front of me, but it was okay. I might make the same mistake too. Jamey, my other roommate who is the quietist and the most sensible, is in the library studying beautification. The thing that I like about Jamey is that she, too, understands the importance of evil in a fairytale. The others, however sweet they are to me, often complain about the ‘****, wretched evils’. Jamey doesn’t participate in this, instead sitting quietly with a book, as if waiting for them to finish, sometimes rolling her big, indigo eyes in a perfect circle. Jamey is the reader in our year, did I mention. I heard some of the boys call her odd the other day during mogrification, and it made my heart shatter for her. In my point of view, Jamey fits in perfectly in the School for Good. She’s absolutely gorgeous, with her thick , straight auburn hair, rosy skin, heart shaped face… She just makes me feel confident about myself, if that makes any sense. I want to spend all my time with her, at lunch, in class… almost like how the other girls obsess of the boys. Well, of course not like that! That’s… that’s… love! And I’m not in…love… with Jamey! She…. she’s… just a really good friend that’s all. Ah! I can hear Ria and Cyndi down the hall. Better go.

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