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    melanieheart posted an update in the group Book 4: QUESTS FOR GLORY 3 years, 7 months ago

    MORE SPOILERS: this book is like annoying tragedy, Agatha is very human like, she has a good heart, but now her responsibility is heavier, and she has a lot to deal with.

    Tedros Loves Agatha thatsca fact, but he’s terribly at showing it, and is a **** in most of the book, he needs help being king, if he makes it out of the dungeon alive, he needs to think and be wise, he lacks intelligence.

    Sophie is the same, still a brat, but she really needs to stop trusting handsome boys and kissing them,
    It really leads to trouble.

    I loved all the new characters,

    Nicola was so cute in this book,

    Spoiler Alert: Nicola and Hort have a crush on each other.

    This book really is the first in the series, Soman was right Agatha and Tedros have a long way to go before their Queen and King.

    This was literally the beginning, so I know Agatha will be back.

    She’s good Savoir afterall.

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