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    Chapter Seven Of Wolf’s Rising (Continuation Of Book Four)
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    Darkness. That’s all Hester saw when she opened her eyes. Her eyes felt heavy, as if she hadn’t opened them in a while. That’s when she realized…
    “Anadil! Dot!” She shouted, more emotion slipping into her voice than she would have preferred.
    “Hester?” Asked a groggy voice. Hester was relieved to find it was Anadil.
    “Where’s Dot?” Asked Hester
    “I don’t know, but she’s definitely around here somewhere.” Replayed Anadil
    “How do you know?” Asked Hester
    “The smell of chocolate is overwhelming.” Groaned Anadil.
    That’s when the lights turned on.
    “Hello, Hester. Nice to see you dropped in.” Said a smooth male’s voice
    Hester found she was strapped to a wooden chair, like some kind of sick doctor’s office. She found Anadil strapped too on her left and Dot fast asleep on her right. Why didn’t the lights wake her up?
    “What do you want?” Snapped Hester, angry that he had brought her friends into this mess.
    “Oh, not much Hester. You see-“
    “Don’t call me Hester! You don’t even know me!” She spat, the tattoo on her neck burning to get out. This man would pay.
    “Oh, Hester, I know more about you than you could imagine. I’ve been watching you for quite some time. I know that you have a special talent like no other. I know that you truly care about your friends, though you disguise it with disgust and petty insults.”
    “Child’s play.” Rasped Hester “So you read The Tale Of Sophie And Agatha, so what?”
    “I know about Nathanial. I know what you see at night. I know you won’t let it go, and you will never forgive yourself. I know all. I see all. I hear all. And you have been my subject for a long time. I bet I know more about you than you know about yourself.”
    Hester just sat there, in complete and utter shock. She felt as if she had been slapped across the face.
    “Hester?” Asked a muffled voice. Dot’s voice “HELP!”
    Hester turned to see Dot, finally awake, with her chair slowly rising up so that she was hanging vertically. Hester gasped, then noticed that Anadil’s chair was doing the same.
    That’s when he came. A tall man with dark noir eyes, black hair and beard with speckles of gray, a hooked nose and familiar smile. Hester wanted to scream, or run, or something. ANYTHING. But her body refused to move as her chair rose to him. He took a step closer, so that Hester could smell his rancid breath on her face.
    “Well that’s a shame. You could have helped willingly. But now, I’ll have to make you.” He said in mock pity
    “You’ll never make me help you.” Hester hissed
    The strange man leaned down to Hester’s ear.
    “Just watch me.”

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