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    Chapters 1-7 Of Wolf’s Rising (Continuation Of Book Four)
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    Chapter One
    “Tedros. Teddy, wake up!”
    Tedros jolted upright in a cold sweat. He expected to see Lady Gremlaine, his steward, and his chambermen with his schedule and clothes for the day. He was confused to see dark stone walls and the metal bars of the prison cell instead of the pale peeling walls from the King’s Quarters. And instead of Lady Gremlaine, Tedros saw Agatha, dripping with sweat and crouching by him. Then it all came flooding back as Tedros broke down
    “It’s-it’s all my fa-ault. I- I should have li-listened! Aggie I’m so-so sorry!” Tedros exclaimed, burying his head in her black smock and sobbing.
    “Oh, Teddy” reasoned Agatha, massaging his head “It’s not your fault! I should have… I should have just let you kill him. I-”
    She was interrupted by the sound of something heavy hitting stone. They turned to see their prison guard’s head hit the hard marble floor as his helmet rolled and hit the metal-toed boot of a tall muscular figure that had just appeared from around the corner.
    “W-who are you?” stammered Tedros, quickly hiding all signs of tears on his face “I warn you…”
    Tedros trailed off, realizing he had no leverage in the situation. As the muscular figure came out into the light. The figure wore a blue tunic and hood over two long, muscle bond arms, a slim waist, strong legs and some sandy blonde hair poking out the top of the hood. The figure tilted his head upwards so they could see his lightning blue eyes
    “Oh no…” gasped Agatha “Leave! Ryaan we don’t want you here! LEAVE HIM ALONE!”
    Ryaan began to push his hood back slowly as he came closer into the light. Tedros and Agatha were surprised to see longer strands of hair falling around on their shoulders and their face was revealed not to be Ryaan, not even a male at all.
    “Ruth Nightingale at your service.” she said.
    “Why are you here?!” exclaimed Tedros, trying to pull himself up using the slippery wall, and failing.
    “Are you gonna ask questions, or am I gonna save you?” barked Ruth
    Then Ruth stepped aside to reveal a small skinny pale boy with a mop of black hair and big bug eyes. Tedros gasped and glanced at Agatha, then back at the boy. They looked almost the same!
    “This is Cedric.” quipped Ruth “Fingerglows.”
    Cedric held up a glowing green finger as Ruth lit a bright gold one. Agatha and Tedros recognized that shade of gold
    Just then, Ruth and Cedric both shot their fingers toward the lock on the door as it blasted across the room.
    Agatha and Tedros got up shakily while Ruth and Cedric came to help them. Ruth ran to help Agatha and Tedros was left with Cedric who could barely pull him up.
    “What I don’t understand…” started Agatha “Is why you saved us from Ryaan’s cage”
    “Merlin sent us from the school,” said Ruth “Now do you want to live or not?”
    Without waiting for a reply, Ruth and Cedric led them through a small hole they had blasted in the floor that put them in the sewers.
    “Great job, Ruth” said a familiar voice
    Merlin’s voice

    Chapter Two
    Tedros watched helplessly as his old mentor and this so called “Ruth Nightingale” greeted each other with warm smiles, as if they had known each other forever. Merlin even had that rare proud look in his eyes, the one that Tedros hadn’t seen in a while.
    “Where are my friends?!” he demanded, trying to regain his dominance. After all, this was a girl. A tall, imposing, very buff girl, but a girl nonetheless
    “I would tell you,” she said, glaring right back at him and standing straighter “If I wasn’t afraid you’d fail them again and put them in even more danger.”
    Merlin, Cedric and Agatha watched helplessly as the two glared hatefully
    “That was a low blow,” said Tedros, not knowing what else to say
    “Indeed it was.” finished Ruth as she turned around to Merlin
    “Why don’t we get out of these… sewers… before there is any bloodshed.” exclaimed Merlin, leading them through a tunnel.
    Tedros expected Agatha to cool him down and telling him that girl had no idea what she was talking about. Instead, Agatha headed over to Merlin and began to ask questions a mile a minute. As they trudged deeper into the muck, Agatha’s and Merlin’s conversation became more and more hushed. There was no way he could listen in now, nor did he have any hope of having a non-aggressive talk with Ruth so…
    “Hi.” said a monotone voice behind him. It was Cedric. Realizing he had no other options, Tedros replied; “Hello.”
    “You know, don’t take Ruth too seriously,” he said, “Her words might be big, but her bark is worse than her bite! You-”
    “I heard that.” growled Ruth
    “What was I saying? Oh right, never make Ruth angry…” he exclaimed, obviously hoping Ruth wouldn’t beat him. He lowered his voice “She means well. She’s had a hard life… her mother disappeared… her father is dead… now, at the School for Good but can’t fit in with the girls. I mean, look at her! Do you really see her in a white wedding dress waiting for her Prince Charming?”
    Tedros looked over at Ruth. She was beautiful, with her tanned skin, silky hair and bright blue eyes, but her build reminded him of when HE was turned into a girl.
    “Besides, none of the Prince’s would take her anyway. She isn’t as you say… delicate, which is what all prince’s expect. And, also, don’t deny it, all men don’t like their honor being bruised by a girl, and she beat them at almost everything.”
    Tedros noticed that when Cedric said this, instead of looking at Ruth with pity, he looked at her with awe and admiration. She reminded him of Agatha, when no one wanted her because she was **** and could do something other than sit still and look pretty.
    “Tell me about you.” said Tedros, wanting to change the subject
    “Oh…” Cedric’s face fell “I’ve always been a rotten apple. Everyone in my village said I was meant for evil school, but I never believed them. I gave to charity, helped my dying mum and dad, tried to be kind to everyone, and when they chose who would go to the school… I was taken for evil. I don’t have an evil bone in my body!”
    As he said this, he remembered Sophie, trying desperately to prove that she was a princess, only to prove she was a witch. But there was something different about this boy. He looked so sad, so sincere… and strangely good.
    “Hey,” said Tedros “I know quite a few witches in evil school, and they didn’t turn out so bad. They are fighting on our side… wherever they are…”
    “Children,” interrupted Merlin “We have arrived.”
    Tedros look up to see nothing but a wall.
    “How is this-”
    Tedros started, when everything went black.

    Chapter Three
    “Tedros! Tedros! Why is he not waking up?”
    “Leave it to me…”
    Tedros woke up with a jolt after getting punched in the stomach.
    “What was that for?!” asked Tedros, glaring around the room
    “You wouldn’t wake up,” said Merlin “So Ruth took care of matters.”
    Tedros looked around the room. They were standing in a shop stand, with Cedric and Agatha holding the door back. Or Agatha and Cedric. Tedros wasn’t sure.
    “Why are we even here?” asked Tedros “We should be out there! With my friends! Getting my crown back!”
    “We would, if you didn’t decide on taking some beauty rest!” exclaimed Ruth
    They glared at each other until…
    “Uh, guys…” exclaimed a nervous Agatha “We have a small problem…”
    They followed her eyes to the window, where guards patrolled the castle from all sides
    “How are we supposed to sneak in and save Sophie?”
    “We aren’t saving Sophie.” said Ruth “That’s a risk I’m not willing to take.”
    “We are saving Sophie!” exclaimed Agatha, livid
    “Why?!” asked Ruth “What has she done for you?! What has she done to deserve you?! Let’s see… she’s attacked you, turned you two against each other, ruined your romance, tricked Tedros into thinking she was Fillip, betrayed you with Rafal, tried to murder you on momentus occasions… just to name a few.”
    Agatha and Tedros stared at Ruth in shock, along with Cedric. Instead of coming to Sophie’s rescue, Agatha’s eyes filled with realization
    “Look,” started Agatha, narrowing her eyebrows “I am good. And Sophie is evil. That is obvious. But, even if she doesn’t deserve my love and support, I give it to her! Because I am good! Sophie is my best friend! And if you don’t understand that… you don’t understand love at all.”
    Agatha looked defiant, but Ruth looked shocked. Then her face melted into one you couldn’t read.
    “Your right.” she said “I don’t understand love… how should I? The only people I loved are gone. I’ll go scout and tell you what’s out there.”
    With that, Ruth sprinted out the door without another word. Tedros could see Agatha wanted to apologize, so he decided to help.
    “Aggie…” he started
    “No.” she said “I messed things up so I’ll fix them.”
    With that, she sprinted out the door as well
    “Agatha!” exclaimed Merlin “You’ll be spotted!”
    But it was no use. She was already gone.
    “I must go after them…” said Merlin “Women.”
    He left and locked the door behind him.
    Tedros sighed and turned around
    “Hi!” said Cedric “Sorry about them… women, as Merlin said.”
    Tedros begrudgingly sat waiting next to the boy. Tedros towered over the skinny short boy, but he didn’t seem to care
    “Do you really think she meant that? That everyone she loved is gone?” he asked, obviously upset by this
    The poor boy.
    “Er- it’s your call. I don’t know her too well.”

    Chapter Four

    Guilt and anger gripped Agatha’s throat as she ran through the crowds of people, wondering how she had messed things up so horribly.
    How could I have been so… evil? Agatha asked herself
    She tried in vain to spot Ruth, when she found a head poking from the crowd. She rushed towards her, not wanting to get lost in the crowd
    “Isn’t that Agatha?” asked a small girl, staring at her.
    “Agatha?” asked the girl’s mother “Somebody! Get the Guards! It’s Agatha!!”
    Everyone around Agatha stared at her. Agatha began to become nervous. Then she turned back to Ruth, but she was nowhere in sight. Without so much as a grunt, a guard grabbed Agatha and began to drag her to the castle
    “Let… go… you… OAF!” she yelled as she socked the guard in the face, with no reaction on his part.
    He continued to drag her to the castle, when suddenly…
    “What’s that?!” exclaimed one of the guards
    Merlin whipped in front of them, magically lifting him off the ground, forcing him to drop Agatha. Next, Ruth ran and slammed into the other guard with her shoulder, pushing him face-first into the dirt. Agatha stared at the guard, laying motionless on the ground.
    Is he… dead? Agatha thought
    As if on cue, the guard picked himself off the ground to reveal his face bleeding from a cut on his cheek and forehead.
    “Agatha!” barked Ruth “We need to go!”
    Ruth grabbed Agatha’s arm and yanked her back towards the shop. As they ran, a voice rang out above the bustle of the streets.
    “Why hello Agatha.”
    They slowly turned. Everyone went silent and stiff, clearing a path to Rhian, standing regally and at the same time maliciously. Agatha began to panic, but not on the outside… she hoped.
    “I see you still don’t know how to play by the rules,” he said cooly “I beat my fraud of a brother easily.”
    Agatha was about to take out her finger glow when Ruth stepped up
    “The only fraud here is YOU!” she shouted
    There were murmurs among the civilians
    “Oh really,” he asked hotilly “and who are YOU to accuse me?”
    “I’m your worst nightmare,” she said quietly, then, all of a sudden, black smoke surrounded Ruth, Rhian, Merlin and Agatha. Agatha suspected that Merlin had something to do with it.
    “I promise you, by the time I’m done, everyone will know what you did and you’re brother will be sitting on the throne with his queen!”
    Agatha expected them to get out their swords, but instead, Rhian just stared at Ruth
    “As much as I’d love to stay, we need to get out of here.” Ruth ordered them
    “What about Rhian?” asked Agatha
    “We’ll be back for him”
    With that, they ran into the smoke to find their way back.

    Chapter Five
    “Tedros! Are you even listening to me?”
    “Huh? Oh, um, yeah…” Tedros replied, coming out of his stupor
    He had been sitting in that blasted room with Cedric for what seemed like hours with no sign of Agatha or Merlin. Or Ruth, at the very least. It was driving him crazy. If he had to listen to Cedric rant on about whether or not you could get away with not showering for another second, heads would be rolling. Instead, he distracted himself with the mysterious Ruth Nightingale. Who was she? Why did she know Merlin? Why did she attack Tedros every chance she got? Why did she… not act like a girl? And most of all… what was she planning to do with him and Agatha?
    “How did… how did you know Agatha was… you know… the one?” asked Cedric, suddenly serious
    Tedros was taken aback by this. From the moment he met Cedric, it had been nothing but lame jokes and awkward random conversations. Now, he was asking Tedros for love advice?
    “Um… well…” started Tedros awkwardly “I didn’t really know at first. I mean, the first time I saw Agatha I thought she was a mistake and there was no way she belonged in the Good School.” Tedros saw Cedric staring at him “I was wrong, of course. I thought that she was a witch set out to curse my school, and I took it upon myself to get rid of her. Then… she started to become… good. After the Trial By Tale, when Sophie, who I thought was good, betrayed me and Agatha risked herself to save me… I realized maybe she was good. When she wasn’t with Sophie, she was good. I realized that I’d loved her from the start. Even though we’ve had fights, some worse than others, we always end up together.”
    Tedros took a deep breath. He had never shared that much with anyone. Not even Rhian, who he thought was his friend.
    “Sorry,” Tedros sighed “I guess I told you too much. You probably think I’m a big wimp.”
    “No.” Cedric replied “I don’t think that. I think your rather brave. You were able to look past appearances and find someone’s worth. You were also able to have her find something of worth in you. If that’s wimpy, I don’t know what is.”
    With that, the boys just sat there, not saying anything, wrapped in their own thoughts.
    That’s when the door slammed open. Tedros jumped to attention, his fingerglow lighting up almost instantly. Merlin, Agatha and Ruth clambered into the room, Merlin looking worried, Agatha looking scared and Ruth looking defiant.
    “We need to leave!” exclaimed Ruth “Now!”
    “What happened?” Tedros asked
    As usual, Ruth ignored him
    “Rhian!!” exclaimed Agatha “He knows where we are! We need to get out of here!”
    That was enough to convince him. In a second he was up and running dragging Cedric along with him
    “The fog will give us an easy escape, but it will also become easier to get lost! Stick close together!” exclaimed Merlin “Agatha and Cedric, take the left route and meet us at the last gate! Tedros and Ruth, you do the same.”
    Before Tedros could complain, Merlin was out into the fog, followed by Agatha and Cedric. Before Agatha could get into the fog, Tedros grabbed her arm
    “Agatha…” he said, looking helpless. He hated that. “I-”
    “I know” she said, turning around and disappearing into the fog
    “C’mon, lover boy,” said Ruth, dragging him out “We have more important things going on than you’re love life.”

    Chapter Six
    Ruth coughed in the smoke, immediately losing sight of Merlin, Cedric and Agatha. She felt a pang of regret. She had spent years apart from Merlin and now she was stuck with… the so-called king. If he wasn’t so important to Merlin, she wouldn’t even bother to save him. Luckily, Cedric would have stopped her. As evil students go, Cedric was oddly… good. But, still, Ruth didn’t think she would have killed Tedros. Just maimed him a bit.
    “C’mon” Ruth whispered sharply “We need to hurry”
    Ruth grabbed Tedros’ arm and led him down the correct path. Well, what she believed was the correct path. Tedros shrugged out of her grasp and hung back, looking sullen. Ruth felt a pang of guilt for him, then took it back. It was his fault all this was happening to Camelot. To her. Her father would still be alive if not for his failure. Her mother would have stayed if not for him. She turned to glare at him, then realized he was gone. She cursed herself for letting him go.
    “Tedros!” she hissed “Tedros! Where are you?”
    As she ran, she continued calling his name until she smacked right into someone. The figure was tall and imposing and… Rhian! She drew her sword, ready to cut his throat open. If there was anyone she hated more than Tedros, it was Rhian. Without a word, she lunged at Rhian, sword ready to slice open his neck. Rhian grabbed her and tossed her into the paved ground.
    Ruth pulled herself up and wiped the blood of her lip.
    He launched himself at her, but this time she was ready. She leapt forward, her blade digging deep into his torso. Rhian letting out a scream of pain and falling to the floor, scarlet blood spilling out the wound
    “You’ll never win, Rhian!” Rhian screamed, coughing with every word
    “Rhian?” asked Ruth confused.
    But as she watched in horror, Rhians face began to melt, closely followed by his torso and legs. Underneath she found him, chest torn and bleedingHe stared at Ruth wide eyed
    “Ruth?” he exclaimed in shock
    “You.” She said
    Just then his eyes drifted closed, and Ruth realized that it wasn’t time for figuring anything out. Because someone’s life was on the line. And it wasn’t Rhian’s.

    Chapter 7
    Darkness. That’s all Hester saw when she opened her eyes. Her eyes felt heavy, as if she hadn’t opened them in a while. That’s when she realized…
    “Anadil! Dot!” She shouted, more emotion slipping into her voice than she would have preferred.
    “Hester?” Asked a groggy voice. Hester was relieved to find it was Anadil.
    “Where’s Dot?” Asked Hester
    “I don’t know, but she’s definitely around here somewhere.” Replayed Anadil
    “How do you know?” Asked Hester
    “The smell of chocolate is overwhelming.” Groaned Anadil.
    That’s when the lights turned on.
    “Hello, Hester. Nice to see you dropped in.” Said a smooth male’s voice
    Hester found she was strapped to a wooden chair, like some kind of sick doctor’s office. She found Anadil strapped too on her left and Dot fast asleep on her right. Why didn’t the lights wake her up?
    “What do you want?” Snapped Hester, angry that he had brought her friends into this mess.
    “Oh, not much Hester. You see-“
    “Don’t call me Hester! You don’t even know me!” She spat, the tattoo on her neck burning to get out. This man would pay.
    “Oh, Hester, I know more about you than you could imagine. I’ve been watching you for quite some time. I know that you have a special talent like no other. I know that you truly care about your friends, though you disguise it with disgust and petty insults.”
    “Child’s play.” Rasped Hester “So you read The Tale Of Sophie And Agatha, so what?”
    “I know about Nathanial. I know what you see at night. I know you won’t let it go, and you will never forgive yourself. I know all. I see all. I hear all. And you have been my subject for a long time. I bet I know more about you than you know about yourself.”
    Hester just sat there, in complete and utter shock. She felt as if she had been slapped across the face.
    “Hester?” Asked a muffled voice. Dot’s voice “HELP!”
    Hester turned to see Dot, finally awake, with her chair slowly rising up so that she was hanging vertically. Hester gasped, then noticed that Anadil’s chair was doing the same.
    That’s when he came. A tall man with dark noir eyes, black hair and beard with speckles of gray, a hooked nose and familiar smile. Hester wanted to scream, or run, or something. ANYTHING. But her body refused to move as her chair rose to him. He took a step closer, so that Hester could smell his rancid breath on her face.
    “Well that’s a shame. You could have helped willingly. But now, I’ll have to make you.” He said in mock pity
    “You’ll never make me help you.” Hester hissed
    The strange man leaned down to Hester’s ear.
    “Just watch me.”

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