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    Malani’s POV

    Malani was furious. She fumed, storming through the halls of evil as students practically fell over themselves to get out of her way. As she burst out of the dark halls into the courtyard to eat lunch she saw a sight that made her blood run cold. “Cody, what exactly are you doing talking to her?” Malani asked, stalking over to where her childhood friend was talking to her sworn nemesis since birth.
    “Ummm, i don’t know, she looked lost so i was telling her where to go.” Cody mumbled.
    “Hey, don’t be mean to him, he was helping me.” Alethia interjected.
    Malani whirled on her, “I don’t care what he was doing, he’s not supposed to talk to you”, She snapped.
    “Why not?” Alethia asked tilting her head in a way that made Malani want to snap it off.
    “Because you’re Sleeping Beauty’s daughter, my sworn enemy.” Malani informed her. “You should be terrified of me.” She added a moment later.
    “And why is that?” Alethia asked putting a hand on one hip.
    Malani flicked a hand to dismiss Cody before she leaned in and whispered, “ Because I know all your secrets. And, i did that to you at the Welcoming. And then, she melted back into the shadows leaving Alethia with a terrified expression on her face.
    Later in her uglification class when Malani was sketching in her notebook Professor Manley walked up behind heer and said, “Perhaps you already know this material, so let me ask you this: when enchanted with the correct incantation what property does snakeskin assume?” “When enchanted correctly, snakeskin assumes the ability to make the wearer invisible.” Malani answered in a bored voice. “Very good.” Manly said, sounding pleased. “Perhaps we will have a new champion of Evil this year.”
    As he said this everyone else in the class was glaring at Malani. They all wanted to be Evil’s champion, but they thought, Maleficent was one of the greatest villains ever. It made sense that her daughter would be just as good, if not better. Then the bell rang.
    “All right you’re dismissed”, Manley called. Malani stood up and started to head toward Curses and Death traps.
    As she entered Lady Lesso announced, “All right! Pop quiz”,
    The entire classroom groaned. “Hey! None of that. The sooner you finish, the sooner you can get out of here. You time starts……. Now!
    Half an hour later Malani handed in her quiz. “Please stay after class today”, Lady Lesso requested. Malani took a step back, “umm why? Asked Malani. “It’s something related to school”, Lady Lesso told her. “Okay”, said Malani suspiciously.
    A little while later as the class was leaving Lady Lesso called her up to her desk. “So tell me, what was that all about at the Welcoming?” “What do you mean?” asked Malani, flipping her hair over her shoulder.
    “Don’t think i didn’t notice what you were doing as that girl from Good was having her little episode”, Lady Lesso told her. “Oh yeah?” asked Malani. “And what was I doing that was so bad?”
    “You were doing that to her”, Lady Lesso said. Malani paled,”H-how do you know that?”
    “Oh please, i know a soul link when I see one,” She scoffed.Tell me, who cast it?”
    “My mother obviously”, Malani answered. “She snuck into Alethia’s Christening and cast it”, Malani explained.
    “You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to but I have to ask: who’s your father?”
    “Oh, that question,” Malani laughed. “Usually I don’t answer that question because it’s one of my mom’s little rules, but since you’re a teacher and because you won’t kill me like most people would, I’ll tell you. My father is King Chase of the Sleeping Kingdom.

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