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    meygana posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years ago

    So if I was in the school of good and evil I would be EVIL.
    So this is who I would be.
    Name: Meygana
    Eyes: Light blue
    Hair: Orange Red
    Wears: A blue top with an evil sign on it and black pufy sleeves blue shimmy short skirt and black belt.
    Magic: Can fly
    Talents: Spells , flying , and dancing.
    Likes: Shopping spells flying dancing and boys ssshhh.
    Personality: Fun, jealous of the good sometimes.
    Hates: Being called Mayogana and seeing the dead.
    Friends: Agatha ,Sofia and Marisa.
    I am going to make a story about this anyone want to join.
    1. Tell me about your charecter so I know him or her better.
    2. Tell me if you want him or her to have a big part or a small part.
    3. That well be it and thank you by

        bratayleylover replied 4 years ago

        I don’t care IF she has a big io small part in the story , but here is one of my bois.
        Name: willow of small village
        Age :14
        Gender: girl
        School:girl/ good
        Parents: Lisa and Countstein of small village
        Talent: can make trees grow in seconds
        Finger glow: dark purple
        Appearance : long curly brown hair,deep blue eyes, about 5 1″
        Personality :firey, bouncy,sweet, caring,kind , sometimes cranky
        Hobbies:singing, dancing, smiling and eating
        Pet sifree the octopus
        Backstory: grew up in a castle in small village with a loving and caring family. Be free to use her

        meygana replied 4 years ago

        Finger Glow: Red as blood.

        megannnyap replied 4 years ago

        Hii awesome bio! Btw my bio’s @megannnyap. I hope my character gets the big part @meygana 🙂

        peppy replied 4 years ago

        Here is my bio. 🙂
        Name: Laurence of Camelot
        Age: 14
        Gender: Boy
        School: Good/Boys
        Parents; Tedros and Agatha
        Talent: Weather control
        Finger Glow: Deep blue
        Appearance: Hazelnut brown curly hair, wide blue eyes, long eyelashes, rosy cheeks, fair skin, tall, slim, lean, agile, muscular
        Personality: Emotional, brave, kind, fair, sweet, honest, loyal, reliable, optimistic, scatter-brained, curious, keen, always has a bounce in his step, merry
        Hobbies: Reading, rugby, sword-fighting, eating, exercising
        Pet: Reaper the cat
        Likes: Juliet/Julie of Avalon
        Typical Clothing: Navy breeches, blue jumper
        Backstory: Grew up in Camelot with Tedros, Agatha and Merlin
        He uses Excalibur 🙂
        Name: Juliet/Julie of Avalon
        Age: 14
        Gender: Girl
        School: Good/Girls
        Parents: Sleeping Beauty (Briar Rose) and Jack
        Talent: Has a clear, laughing voice which can halt the senses when spoken in soft, gentle tones or get information when persuasive or intimidating
        Finger Glow: Electric blue
        Appearance: Peach skin, oval face, tender rose red lips, slim, slender, silky strawberry blonde tresses, clear deep blue-violet eyes with a vivacious twinkle
        Personality: Intense, independent, sensitive, creative, passionate, scatter-brained, generous, messy, cheerful, hearty, launches into everything, talkative, impatient
        Hobbies: Chatting, mimicking, singing – has a pure, sweet voice – laughing, flying
        Pet: Snowy white unicorn with wings called Faye
        Likes: Laurence of Camelot
        Typical Clothing: Violet ribbon in hair, blouse and skirt in soft colours like pale blue or fern green
        Backstory: Grew up in a cosy atmosphere, waiting for a Flowerground Pass
        She is an early-bird and hates needlework and gardening which she finds boring and a waste of time 🙂

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