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    milly11 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year ago

    Hi. Quick question. Can you write a short story without no chapters?

        alexofroom66 replied 1 year ago

        I’m not exactly sure what you mean, but not really. You need to post chapters in your story. In case you haven’t gotten a welcome yet here’s mine:
        Hi! I’m Alex, a first year never girl.This is the rp forum. Rp means role play. An rp is a story you write in your characters POV. You can have chapters with different characters POVs. Before you start writing your story, you need to make a bio for your main characters. Ex template:
        School (if SGE):
        Finger glow (if SGE):
        Special Talent (if SGE):
        Then you start writing your story. It can be about SGE or not, though most on here are. Like Ani said, there are three types of rp. So for individual rps, most people post a chapter every few days or weeks, so it will take a while to finish it. You can be writing multiple rps at once (like I have an unnamed one, and the Thirteenth Dancing Princess. I can tag you if you want. Here’s a link to my chapters and bios: Hope this helped!
        Ps: is people really like your story they’re gonna ask you to tag them. Tagging someone notifies them when you post a new chapter. To tag someone put an @ in front of their username, ex: @milly11. Make sure there is no space between the username and the @

          milly11 replied 1 year ago

          Thanks. I will write in chapters then. I have been welcomed but thanks for reminding me. It has been a while since I entered and stiil haven’t written a tory because it has to come to me. Also I am pretty busy. But as we are quarantined I will try to write one. Thank you.

        alexofroom66 replied 1 year ago


        milly11 replied 1 year ago

        Oh OK. 1 post it is then

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