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    milly11 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year ago

    Hi. This is my first story I’ve written and I hope you like it. Today I’ll give you the Bios. I have six because there is six main characters.

    Name: Iris Miller (triplet)
    Birthday: Friday 13th September
    Age: 15 (soon 16)
    Appearance: Red hair kept down, green eyes, freckled
    Wears: dresses any colour with sneakers, black leggings
    Powers: Elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Ice and Love
    Peraonality: mischevious, jumpy
    Fears: Talking in front of people and taking the lead.
    Backstory: They were Foster children taken in by their grandparents that had recently found out about them. On birthdays that come on Fridays with a full moon, their powers go haywire. Flashback. When they were turning 5, they sneaked to the roof of the Foster home on their birthday. Their powers first shown themselves on that day. The next day, their grandmother went to pick them up claiming she recently found out about them. They trusted their grandmother and told her about their powers. As the years passed by, they learnt to control them but there was one night when they couldn’t control them. That was when their birthday fell on a Friday with a full moon.

    PS: This was a dream I had. Sorry for any stupid/silly or scary parts (only 1 slightly scary part in the whole story I think)

    Name: Trixie Miller (triplet)
    Nickname: Trix
    Birthday: (See Iris’s)
    Age: 15 (soon 16)
    Appearance: Brown hairin a ponytail, blue eyes,
    Wears: Crop tops, high-waisted jeans, black converse
    Powers: Turns into mythical creatures
    Personality: Outgoing, cool, acts like the “older” sister (in a good way)
    Backstory: (See Iris’s)

    Name: Ella Miller
    Nickname: El
    Birthday: (See Iris’s)
    Age: 15 (soon 16)
    Appearane: Blonde hair half up, blue eyes
    Wears: T-shirts, shiny jeggings, leather jacket, studded black boots, studded choker
    Power: Turn half of herself or all of herself into animals
    Peesonality: Determined, cool sister, less manners then the others
    Fears: Spiders
    Backstory: (See Iris’s)

    Name: Jack Smith (twin)
    Age: 16
    Appearance: curly brown hair, sea green eyes, freckled
    Wears: Icy blue top, dark blue pants, flip flop
    Power: Ice element
    Personality: Leader, controlling tone but not bossy
    Fears: Fire
    Backstory: He lives in Hawaii with his twin and mother. His dad died when they were still very young. They live normal lives except for their powers. Friends with Joseph

    Name: Jacob Smith (twin)
    Nickname: Jake
    Age: 16
    Appearance: blond hair, blue eyes, freckled
    Wears: Mostly orange button-downs, brown shorts, flip flops
    Powers: turns into baby animals, turns into a baby turtle when nervous or worried.
    Personality: chill, occasionally nervous, sometimes acts childish
    Hates: When he is nervous
    Bckstory: (See Jack’s)

    Name: Joseph Williams
    Age: 16
    Appearance: shoulder length brown hair, hazel eyes, tanned
    Wears: T-shirts, bermudas (for those who don’t know what they are, they are like shorts but go till under the knees), flip flops, she’ll necklace
    Powers: Merman
    Personality: chill, cool
    Backstory: His mum is a mermaid. Needs his shell necklace (a gift from his mother) to be a more powerful mermaid. He met Jack and Jacob at school. They stayed friends ever since.

    Wow. That took me a long time to write. Well, I hope you are interested to see how the story will be!!

        evergirl391 replied 1 year ago

        you only wrote 5 there

          milly11 replied 1 year ago

          No there are 6. Iris, Trixie, Ella, Jack, Jacob and Joseph. They might not be too recognizable though.

          evergirl391 replied 1 year ago

          ok i couldnt see the ella one. sorry

        milly11 replied 1 year ago

        It’s ok

          u-s-a replied 12 months ago

          So cool, sometimes I write stories about dreams or daydreams, so cool tag me!

        milly11 replied 12 months ago

        OK, I’ll tag you. Just in case you haven’t read the rest yet, it’s in my activity @milly11

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