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    milly11 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year ago

    This is the first story I have written so I hope you enjoy. About 2 weeks ago I have you the Bios. Here is chapter 1.

    Chapter 1:
    Iris, Trixie and Ella Miller were looking out at the moon from the rooftop. Even without looking at each other, they all knew what they were thinking.

    You see, they were born on Friday 13th September 2005. On that night, it was a full moon.

    The triplets thought about when they were still in foster care. On their birthday, when they were turning 5, they climbed to the rooftop even though it was forbidden to do so. They climbed there in the middle of the night. It was a full moon. That was when they first knew about their powers. They started going crazy. Ella started turning into random animals, Trixie into mythical creatures and Iris into the 4 elements. No one found out. On the next day, a woman came and took them home, claiming she was their grandmother and that she recently found out about them. When they started to trust her, they told her about their powers. She didn’t seem surprised as she also had animal powers just like Ella’s. With her help, they learnt how to use and control their powers. But, when their birthday falls on a Friday with a full moon, they lose control of them. They had to go to different places so that they never hurt their sisters. Their birthday only came on a Friday with a full moon 3 times till now, but exactly 2 weeks from ttoday, their birthday was going to be on Friday with a full moon for the 4th time.

    I just realised that seemed a lot like the back story of their Bios but it was necessary for the story.

        milly11 replied 1 year ago

        2 days not 2 weeks

        milly11 replied 1 year ago

        And gave not have

          evergirl391 replied 1 year ago

          sounds cool! tag me

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