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    milly11 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year ago

    I’m feeling inspired so I’m going to give you chapter 3 and maybe chapter 4.
    Chapter 3:
    The next day, the sister left to Hawaii feeling excited. They never went on vacation alone before. They rented a house with an indoor pool and spent the rest of the day unpacking. That night, nothing could ever wake them up.

    On that same day, twins Jack and Jacob were talking excitedly with their friend, Joseph. “I can’t wait, I can’t wait! I’m too excited for the sleepover!” Joseph said. Jack was going to talk when Jacob interrupted, “Come on! Let’s go to our house right now.” Jack glared at Jacob. But he couldn’t stay angry at him because Jacob was giving him his famous puppy eyes. It was hard to believe they were twins. “Fine.” Jack said. They played games, mostly water games, till 1 in the morning.

    (May I remind you that the boys know about each others powers.)

    Chapter 4:
    Usually Jack doesn’t have any dreams, but that night was different. His dream started out at his favourite place, on top of the highest cliff.

    Recently, when he went there, he found a secret passage leading to a cave in the cliff overlooking the ocean. From there, he could also see the moon clearly. He hasn’t told anybody about his secret hideout. When he wouldn’t be able to sleep, he usually went there. Twice, he accidently slept there and then he told his brother that he woke up early and went for a morning jog. It was his little secret.

    Anyway, in his dream, he found himself flying down there with his ice power. Yes, his ice power granted him the ability to fly. Down in his cave he found a lady sitting down in the chair of ice he designed and built. “Wlecome, my darling. I have been waiting for you.” She said. “Who are you?” Jack asked.

    “You don’t remember me?”

    “Not really, no.”

    “I was the one who gave you your powers.”

    “Iris, goddess of the Elements?”

    “That’s me.”

    “Quick question, why has my twin got ‘baby animals’ as his power? He turns into a baby turtle when he is nervous. He is starting to control it slowly.”

    “That’s not my fault. He was born with them. I don’t know why, but sometimes people are born with random powers and Jacob was born with the baby animals one.”

    “Oh, ok. But why are you here?”

    “The time has come for you, Jacob and Joseph to start your journey. Remember those 3 girls?”

    A look if realization dawned on Jack’s face.

    “YOU!!” he screamed. “You gave me that dream when I was five!”

    “That was not a dream. That was a vision of what was happening at that same time. And it was crucial for you to know.”

    Jack calmed down. He sank to the floor and sobbed. He looked at the moon and muttered “It’s soon isn’t it?”

    “Yes my darling.” she said. “But you have to help them. They are here in Hawaii. They have their powers as you remember. If you don’t remember, we’ll, seek out Iris, my namesake. She’s yours. They will have their birthday here. Befriend them. They WILL need you and your friends. You might also become something more than just friends. Do NOT mention that you know about their powers. They were told to hide them. Eventually they will tell you about them. As if they haven’t suffered enough. They never be-friended anyone because they were scared they will hurt them. You understand, don’t you?”

    “Yes.” Jack replied.

    “Then I will leave you. Find them at the beach late at night. Take your friends with you. Anyways, your friends are worried about you. Don’t forget what I told you and don’t tell Jacob or Joseph about me. I’m your little secret. Just like this cave.” She smiled and disappeared.

    And Jack woke up screaming “Wait! ”

    That was long but I loved writing it.

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