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    milly11 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 12 months ago

    Sorry it took so long to write the next chapter but I was busy.
    Chapter 5:
    Jack looked around. He was in his bedroom not the cave and Jacob and Joseph were sitting down on either side of the bed looking worried.

    “Thank the gods, you’re awake.” exclaimed Jacob with a look of relief washing over his face. “We were starting to worry.” “Why?” Jack asked. Joseph piped up, “Well, it’s 5 in the afternoon.” “I’ve been out all that time?” Jack asked. That could explain why his tummy was grumbling so much. “Yes, here’s your food. Eat what you want.” Jacob said.

    Jack sat up in bed and eyed the food tray hungrily. There was Joseph’s famous pancakes, probably for breakfast, thought Jack, his favourite chicken and mayo sandwich with a little extra curry for lunch and extra spicy doritos, which were also his favourite kind.

    Jack ate a little bit of everything. Jacob and Joseph were still looking a little worried. “Why do you still look worried” questioned Jack, still stuffing his mouth with pancakes. Jacob and Joseph had a silent conversation with their eyes which probably went like:

    Jacob – “Should we tell him?”
    Joseph – “Yes, we should.”
    Jacob – “Who’s going to tell him?”
    Joseph – “Well, you should, you’re his brother.”
    Jacob – “But I don’t want to.”

    It went like this for a while but apperantly Joseph won because Jacob said, “Well – um – you were – um – muttering in your sleep and you sounded distressed.” Jack’s expression turned guarded. “What-” he said. “We couldn’t make out what you were saying though. Can you tell us?” Joseph intervened. Jack took a sudden interest in his food. He was clearly hiding something but they decided not to press him.

    “Well, me and Jacob are going to leave you.” said Joseph giving Jacob a stern look which seemed to be telling him ‘argue and I’ll strangle you in your sleep’ . “Come downstairs when you are ready. We’ll discuss where we will be going as we don’t have much time.”
    I think I will mostly post on weekends if I’m not too busy. Would appreciate any comment on how to improve my writing. See the chapter before this on my activity on @milly11

        true-tales replied 12 months ago

        oo tag me

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        milly11 replied 12 months ago

        Hello. BTW I need a name for my story. Any ideas?

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