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    milly11 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 1 month ago

    Hi peeps, this the 6th chapter of my story. I would appreciate if you suggest a name for it. I would also appreciate constructive cricitism. You can read it in doc from as well.
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    Chapter 6:

    Trixie awoke first at 11:30am. Being the most responsible, she made breakfast and finished the last unpacking from the night before.

    Ella woke up next to the smell of waffles. She absolutely loved waffles. She ate her stack quickly and thanked her sister.

    Then, Iris awoke to the sound of Ella screaming “SPIDER! Spider in my bag!”. “Calm down.” called Iris, and, using the element of Earth, told the spider to leave the house gently as Ella was scared of it. I don’t see why people are scared of us. We are basically harmless. the spider told her in her mind. “You really have to get over your fear of spiders, El.” said Iris, while eating her stack of waffles.

    After having breakfast, Trixie went to the store to buy more food while Ella and Iris prepared their beach bags. They planned to stay on the beach till late at night.

    At about 4:30, they were finally ready. They left for the beach. It was a 10-monute walk.

    Ella absolutely adored the beach. She left her sisters and went to admire the rock pools. They were always full of interesting sea creatures. Afterward, she jumped in the water and immediately turned into a fish. It was calm and beautiful, swimming with different schools of fish. Also, she could annoy her sisters, and then find a school of fish to hide in. It was the best of fun.

    The first thing Iris did was find a spot where to place their stuff. Ella had already left them to go swim and the beach was packed. Eventually, they found a place. Iris then rented a dark green surfboard. She jumped in the sea. Immediately, her water element took over. It always happened when they went to the sea.

    Iris was a natural at surfing. She surfed on wave after wave, did amazing flops and turns with her surfboard and generally attracted attention. But it wasn’t on purpose. In fact, she hated all the attention. But surfing was one of the things she was best at.

    Trixie, on the other hand, sat down on the beach towel, reading. It was a hobby she had. An hour passed. She hadn’t realised until Iris came up to her and asked, “So, what’s for dinner?” “Sandwiches. Make your own. There’s peanut butter, jelly, ham, cheese, chicken and butter.” She said, while counting on her fingers. “Ok, I’ll call El.” Iris went back towards the sea. She dived down and sent a water message to her. Ella, Trix and I are going to eat. Come up when you’re hungry. With that, she went back to Trixie. She made buttered sandwiches with ham and cheese and ate her dinner.
    I will not be posting for some time as the story is still work in progress. (just thought to let you know.)

        camphalfblood21 replied 1 year, 1 month ago

        @milly11 Oooohhh! This reminded me of a very cozy and fun feeling! Please tag me whenever the next part comes! You are very talented!

        milly11 replied 1 year ago

        Thank you! You’ll be tagged

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