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    mimipop posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 3 years, 8 months ago

    Chapter 10

    “Tedros, what are you doing down there?” Sophie asked.
    “Tedros calm down.” Agatha said, trying her best to reassure him. But the stench of the castle just made her cringe.
    “We’ll get you out of there, lad.” Lancelot said, much more confident then Agatha
    ” I hope…” he said.
    ” I promise we’ll get you out.” Agatha said, following Lancelot’s example
    The friends heard the sound of footsteps in the distance. Guards. The stomping grew louder and louder. They could soon make out a shape, big burly figures in the distance. Agatha felt a chill in her bones. The four told Tedros they’d be back. But Agatha couldn’t leave him. Again, the looks said everything. Agatha didn’t want to leave him. She wished she never had to. She wished she could jump into his strong muscular arms and stay there forever, the couple warm and safe. Sophie had to snap her out of her and Tedros’s gaze. The guards were only a few feet away. Agatha ran with Sophie, they ran and ran until their legs ached, they ran and ran until sweat covered their foreheads. They ran and ran until they could reach safety. Agatha thought one more time about her prince. She would hatch a plan to get him out of there. She would save him even if it was the last thing she did. No matter what, she wouldn’t let her prince fall to the hands of that monster. Sooner or later they were with Merlin and Lancelot, hetching a plan to save Tedros. They rested in a cave, it was all grey and gloomy. There was some king of see through liquid in the cave. Agatha and the others figured it was water.The floor was slimy and had a stench of a million sewers wrapped together. Now times that by 10 and Voila you get the stench of the cave. Merlin took a towel out of his hat and lay it on the ground. Within 5 minutes, they were brainstorming ideas to get Tedros out.
    ” We should sneak in disguised as guards and while one of us gets Tedros two others inspect the masters’ study to find any clues to who the murderer is while the last one keeps guard. If we do this, not only could we save Tedros but we could arrest the killer!” said Sophie
    ” You just forgot one thing…how are we supposed to get the armor?” Lancelot chimed in
    “Knock out 4 guards and take their places.” Said Merlin.
    “Ok everyone…we’re saving Tedros” Agatha said.
    At that, their plan came into play

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        That was really good!

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        That’s very intense.

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        That was so AMAZING!

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        I like their plan.

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