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    mimipop posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 8 months ago

    Chapter 3: Dread, Dread and even more dread

    Reda looked up. The fabled School for Good and Evil. The good castle was made of glass, there was pink and blue streaks all over it. The sky was clear and blue, nothing blocking the sun. Reda looked beyond the school. The blue forest. All was beautiful. Atop the Honor and Charity towers hung a huge banner that said “Welcome Newest Evers!” Reda looked at the tulips beneath her feet. They were all colors except black and brown. It was a huge rainbow of color. Reda scowled at the sight of ogling girls. They were all looking at the princes. Meanwhile, she took a look at the halfway bay. The tulips stopped at at a whole ocean of midnight blue water. Students were falling in the water. They all had evil glares on their faces. the evil castle was big and black. The towers, once crumbling were now beautifully rebuilt, towers shiny and dark. Except, unlike Good’s castle, the sky was full of storm clouds. Reda walked up to the castle gates. “Great. Just Great” she thought “Now I have to spend the next four years with prissy pink princesses, annoying, sweaty princes and a matter of life and death.” She continued walking feeling slightly uncomfortable, muttering words under her breath. Suddenly, a girl plopped right next to her. She had chestnut hair, green eyes, pink lips, olive skin and a quirky cute smile. Reda looked at her, still anxious.
    “Hi, my name is Marianne” she quipped
    “Reda.” Reda replied, not wanting to talk to her.
    “so, Reda! Are you a descendant? Or a reader.” Marianne asked, still smiling, even though Reda was trying so hard to ignore her.
    “Descendant.” she replied, starting to get annoyed
    “Oooooo, which one?”
    “Red riding hood”
    “Cool! Do you know Jack and the beanstalk? .” Marianne said even more sunny than she was before
    “He’s my dad.”
    Reda looked up finally paying attention to the world around her. She was inside the school for Good. The stairs were made of marble, and on that, a beautiful velvet carpet with a gold embroidery. Fairies were flying around, unsure of what to do. In their tiny little hands there were bags of books. When a small fairy came to Reda, she smiled and left. Reda took a look at her schedule and read it out loud to herself.
    “Good 101: Beatification, Good 102 Princess Etiquette, Good 103 Swordplay and Weapons training, Good 104, animal communication, Good 107 History of heroes, Good 108 Good deeds.” Reda scowled. Meanwhile, Marianna was happy about this and went to gossip with some Evergirls.
    “Oh for God’s sake.” Reda said to herself.
    Suddenly, a few Everboys were walking around in the castle. While Reda was trying to get to her dorm, Honor tower, Room 45, she bumped into one of them. Reda looked up. The boy looked at her. She looked at him. The boy had light brown hair, blue eyes and, like all the Everboys, strong broad shoulders. Reda, still locked in his gaze snapped herself out of it and went on. He looked back at her. She looked back at him.
    “James, come on!” the Everboys called.
    “James.” Reda thought to herself. She immediately felt adrenaline flowing through her blood. Her heart jumped in her throat and butterflies started to form in her stomach. “No. no. no. no.” she thought. “A…Boy!” did she just…no. She shook those thoughts off and got the her room. 3 Evergirls were sitting down on each of their beds, wondering who would step through that door.
    “Hi…my name is Reda” Reda said.
    The three girls just looked at her, she looked at them. One had brown hair, brown eyes and thin pink lips. The other had long curly blond hair and green eyes. The last girl had light brown hair and blue eyes.
    “My name is Giulia, daughter of Pinocchio!” The brunette said, proudly
    “I’m Amber, daughter of Rapunzel” Said the Blondie
    “And I’m Lea, daughter of the blue fairy” said the last girl.
    “I’m Reda, daughter of red riding hood.” said Reda.
    She got her shoes off and threw herself on the big, comfy bed. She had a long day of classes ahead of her.

    Thanks for reading my RP!

        mimipop replied 3 years, 8 months ago

        Sorry if there are any typos.

        annabethofthewoodsbeyond replied 3 years, 8 months ago

        I loved it!

        artemisetoile replied 3 years, 8 months ago

        loved your descriptions!! they’re so nice!!

        dot111 replied 3 years, 8 months ago

        Great job!

        emma16 replied 3 years, 8 months ago

        First day of school… familiar to all.

        annabethofthewoodsbeyond replied 3 years, 8 months ago

        can you tag me?

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