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    mimipop posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 3 years, 8 months ago

    So… I’m new to this and I made my bio (@mimipop). Hope you enjoy this saga 🙂 PS: i wrote chapters 1-3 in RP 0 but i’m restarting

    Chapter 1: Why me?!

    Today, to my grand disappointment was the 11th day of the 11th month. EVERYONE and I mean it everyone in the Nettle Forest dreaded this one day. Today, SGE would pick 2 teens to represent Good and Evil. I would of wanted to go… but they literally kidnap you in the middle of the night! My mom (Red riding hood) would of wanted me to go. But if there’s anything I don’t want is going to SGE. I suspected Paige, one of my friends to by the nominee for Good. She’s the fairest of them all. Unsurprisingly, Rena, would be the nominee for Evil. She’s the evilest of them all. In my opinion. I whistled for Fearless, my husky. He came at once and sat by my side. I decided to go to Mrs. Jones’s bakery, she bakes the best cookies. And my stomach was growling. I started to fiddle with my coins. 1…2…3…4$ I had enough for a cookie. The roads were deserted. All children in the village were afraid of this day. They didn’t want to leave their families. No one would. Would they? Lost in thought, me and fearless walked and walked, not knowing where to stop.
    “Reda? Hellllooooo” I recognized that voice. Casey.
    “Huh?” I said, dumbstruck
    “Are you ok?” Casey said, seemingly confused.
    “Oh…uh yeah. Just getting a cookie” I replied
    I started to walk down the trail
    “Uh. Reda? Bakery’s that way” Casey said pointing at the trail
    “oh” I said, I wasn’t paying any attention at all.
    So I walked in the other direction. Still thinking about SGE.
    . . .
    “That’ll be 3.75$” said the cashier
    “4$” I said
    She gave me 25 cents. I took it and left, heading for the endless woods. I knew I wasn’t allowed but I had to clear my head. I ran and ran, moss beneath my feet, branches scraping my knees and legs aching. But I trailed on and on ’til I got to the mountain top, and sat on a rock. The ocean lay in front of me. It was utterly beautiful. The cyan blue was like a big carpet, laid out in front of me. Thee horizon line was invaded by the sun, a gold and yellow orb. At the top, I saw the sky, full of stars.
    I didn’t know better, back then. But tonight I would be whisked off to SGE

    Thanks for reading! You can find previous chapters on my report card (written in the 3rd person) and comment if you want me to continue from this or the ones posted in RP lv. 0 🙂

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        That was very awesome.

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