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    mimipop posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 3 years, 8 months ago

    Chapter 12 ^-^(if you haven’t read the first chapter click here @mimipop. Ps: sorry I haven’t been writing, I just restarted school after the break and we’re not allowed electronics.)

    The quartet stood guard at the gates. Agatha peered inside. She felt uncomfortable, looking at her end.
    Everything in the castle was black, from the stairs, to the chandelier, made of black diamonds, but at the end of the hall Agatha swallowed a scream. Black swan gold. In a glass case. She glanced at Sophie and Sophie shot her a look that said: “What now?” Agatha pointed at the, case Sophie swallowed a scream as well. Merlin looked, and so did Lance. They were both dumbstruck. Agatha told Merlin that she’d go see Tedros. Merlin nodded. Agatha walked through the castle, inspecting every inch. Black black even more black. She slid her fingers on the wall. She felt a dent, a brick. The pressed it eager to know what it was. Then doors opened, revealing a dungeon full of rotting skeletons. She gasped and saw a golden decaying hallow of hair, and two scared crystal blue eyes. Agatha’s face glowed with hope. Tedros looked up at her. Not knowing if it was Agatha or a guard.
    “Stop.” “Who are you…” Tedros said.
    Agatha took of her mask. Her snow skin wet, her brown eyes gleaming and her hair draping on her shoulders. Tedros’s glow came back as she walked towards the cell, took out the keys and unlock her prince. She jumped in his arms, feeling good and free. They kissed, for the first time in weeks and Agatha felt her old hapiness come back. She would never let him go.
    “I’m sorry to interupt this lovers’ reunion” Said a sharp splitting voice.
    ” WHO ARE YOU” Agatha said, breaking away from Tedros.
    “Why, im the kidnapper” said the figure. After, two real guards took Agatha and tedros, the rest was just a blur. They’ve been kidnapped

    Thanks 4 reading and stay tuned 4 more :))))

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        it’s totally my kind of story…

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        Classic! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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        I am so amazed and can’t wait to find out what will happen. Please write more!!! 🙂

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