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    mimipop posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 3 years, 7 months ago

    Ok… so, I’m starting with a new character. (beware, I tend to make this wayyyyy to long)

    Name: Juniper of Woods Beyond
    Age: 13
    Birthday: April 5th 2004
    Status: Reader
    Village/Kingdom: Gavaldon
    Siblings: River of Woods Beyond, her older sister. She disappeared 4 years ago, and Juniper found a picture of her in The Tale of River and Quinn. Her sister became a princess, because Juniper recognized her. But Father, stuck in the past, thought she was stolen by a Rogue
    School: Good
    Friends (once she has attended SGE): Everly of Maidenvale, Amber of Nettle forest, Piper of Wonderland…
    Appearance: Light Ivory skin, Teal-ish blue eyes, Black hair, has a thin build.
    Qualities: Is very brave, and will always help those in need. She has a tendency to be the class clown. Even if she seems very brave and courageous, she’s also very sensitive and is broken. We don’t know why, but there’s a tingle inside her that tells her something’s not right. She searched the woods, and scouted endlessly the borders of Gavaldon, but still can’t find her place in the world.
    Flaws: Can be stubborn when she’s either protesting or trying again and again. She can sometimes want to go solo, even if she desperately needs help.
    Favorite book: The Tale of Sophie and Agatha
    Clothes: Apart from the regular school uniform, Juniper wears a black roots shirt, a grey hoodie, and baby blue jeans. On her feet, she will wear black low top converse, and carries her hair in a loose bun. For formal wear, she wears a black and white ombre chiffon dress, her hair down, a little bit curled, a gold necklace with a blue stone in the middle. She still wears her black converse. In pjs, she wears a loose, way to long grey t-shirt that, at the back says “Wake me up when School ends” in white letters. She wears fluffy blue pants that say “sleep” over and over again. Juniper wears fluffy white slippers along with that.
    Best class: Surviving Fairy Tales
    Worst class: Princess Etiquette
    Fingerglow: A dim Ice blue with a hint of turquoise
    Crush: NEVER
    Enemy: Paris of Jaunt Jolie (Beatrix’s daughter)
    Tracked: A leader
    Destiny: Wait and see….

    Thx for reading! Please comment and if you want any tags, just say so. 🙂



        mimipop replied 3 years, 7 months ago

        I forgot to write the Backstory… so here it is:

        Juniper was once daughter of Agatha and Tedros of Camelot. But the night of her birth, she was taken by a Rogue. Whoever this was took both her and her sister, River. She and her sis were then taken to Gavaldon, were the Rogue gave them to the baker, Benny. Since then, Juniper and River were raised by Benny, but didn’t know their true origins, until River started to have flashbacks. When Juniper saw her sister be taken, she also saw Quinn, the meanest person she has ever known. After 3 years, new books came in at Mr. Deauville’s book shop. Juniper went to buy a copy right away, and she saw her sister, River living in a magical place. Then she started to question what really happened that night. She started to read old fairytales and saw “MISSING” posters everywhere. Then, she turned 13, and was whisked away, by the new school master…

        impossiblegirl replied 3 years, 7 months ago


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