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    minniemay posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hi I’m new here. Can someone catch me up on what the summary of the story is? Also if I make a bio can I use the White Witch from Narnia as my fairy tale character?

        hybridfurry replied 2 months, 3 weeks ago

        I am on the phone, so sorry, but @than

        larkofwoodsbeyond replied 2 months, 3 weeks ago

        1. Hello and welcome! Do you have any experience roleplaying?

        2. Here’s the summary (written by @/than):

        *PHASE ONE*
        The story started off with all of our characters arriving at the schools. We got settled in, met our roommates and made some friends (not to mention enemies). One night Lyra (@/lyragreenofwoodsbeyond) went flying during the night, as flying is her power. She ended up at the School Master’s Tower where she spotted a young girl chained to the walls and sobbing. She deduced that the girl was being held there against her will. The next day Lyra told Diana (@/than) what she had seen and asked for Diana’s help in freeing the girl. Diana agreed to help, revealing her own plan to kill the School Master in the process. It turns out that Diana’s mother, the moon spirit Kamaria, was killed by Rafal when Diana was just a baby. Her soul is now entrapped in the dagger Rafal used to slay her. To free her mother Diana must kill Rafal on the night of the eclipse, which is coming up in a few days. The morning after all of our characters heard the kidnapped girl singing from the tower. Knowing she had to explain Lyra sent a letter round to everyone who heard, to meet at Table 10. There Lyra revealed what she had seen in the tower. We all — albeit Alex — agreed to come up with a plan to rescue the ******* the night of the eclipse. A student named Ophelia (@/larkofwoodsbeyond) introduced herself to the rest of the students, but what they didn’t know was that she was secretly working with the school master. The next night Delphie (@/xoxovso) held a party for all the students. It was at this party that Diana approached Odette (@/crystalwillow) to ask for her help in killing Rafal. Odette agreed. There was also a showdown between a few magicians and we all nearly got caught. On the day of the eclipse, where everything is supposed to go down, Alex (@/than) and Cat (@/jellyfish-syllia) discover the truth about Diana’s mother. She used to be a virtuous moon spirit but as soon as she came down on earth her soul was polluted, turning her evil. However it’s too late as Diana and Odette have already left without the others to extract their plan. There’s a major showdown. Grace (@/sallysallysally) ends up getting stabbed in the arm by Alex. The girl, who’s name turns out to be Dove) us rescued by the rest of the characters when they get there. Though Maesie (@/crystalwillow) and Gabe (@/larkofwoodsbeyond) try to stop Diana from going through with it she doesn’t listen and ends up killing Rafal, thus freeing Kamaria from her entrapment.
        *PHASE TWO*
        It’s been a month and a half since Kamaria was freed. Since then she’s taken over both the schools. All classes have been replaced with lectures on things like discovering traitors, and the best torture methods, but it’s mostly just killing. Kamaria has replaced all the teachers with her own personal friends. Astrid, due to the Devil’s Mirror, is slowly turning into ice. Diana has pulled away from her friends as she tries to stick by her mother. One day Alex overhears Kamaria discussing with one of the teachers about how she is going to choose fifteen students and train them to be assassins, so that she can send them home to their respective kingdoms at Christmas time and they can take over them for her. Alex tells the rest of Table 10, which causes a bit of conflict as everyone is unsure what to do. Diana eventually finds out the truth about her mother’s plan herself and realises she needs to fix her mistake.
        Diana finds out that a potion can be made from the moonflower to restore Kamaria to her original form, and Ophelia says that her great-grandmother, Circe, can make it for them. So, they set off on a journey along with most of Table Ten, meeting some new people along the way (Juliette (@/larkofwoodsbeyond), Derrick (@/julianaarthur), and the captain and crew of the Bloodrose).
        Meanwhile, Aoibh (@/larkofwoodsbeyond) decides to plan a coup to incapacitate Kamaria and regain power until the others get back. To do this, she enlists the help of the Fifteen, who have been told about their duties by Kamaria, and some older students, as well (most namely TZ (@/than) and Tavienne (@/everimagine).

        3. Here’s the template for a character bio, as well:

        4. The White Witch totally works as a relative!

        everimagine replied 2 months, 3 weeks ago


        crystalwillow replied 2 months, 3 weeks ago

        Hi, are you new to roleplaying? If you are I’d suggest going to levels 0 or 1 because this level is for people who have experience with it! 🙂

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