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    miriel posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 6 months ago

    Chapter Two
    Three days passed like a flash, and soon we were waiting in the center of town again. Jaden and I exchanged farewells, and we exchanged a quick hug before the Flowerground started to snake into town. He quickly pressed a package into my hands.
    “Don’t open it until you get to school. The town won’t be the same without you!”
    He watched with a smile on his face as I was carried away, along with Gerald, the School for Evil Reader.
    Soon enough, the School was in sight. I was really excited! I saw other students being carried by other branches of the Flowerground all transferring to the Hibiscus Line along with us.
    I put Jaden’s package in my bag, and looked at my new school. It was beautiful! I can’t wait to start my classes!
    We soon were dropped off in front of the castles, most of the other students with their bags of required materials, and us Readers with our bags of stuff from home. A woman stepped out of the School for Evil. I immediately knew who it was. Dean Sophie! Head of the School for Evil, and originally from Gavaldon! She began to speak.
    “Welcome, new students! If you don’t know, in which case you must live under a rock, I am Dean Sophie, Head of the School for Evil! And here,” she gestured at a woman coming out of the School for Good, “Is Dean Dovey, Head of the School for Good. We wanted to give you a little bit of information about the School for Good and Evil before you receive your room numbers and handbooks. Firstly, Readers, don’t worry about your supplies, they have been provided for you. Clarissa, please continue.”
    “As DEAN Sophie has said, I am Dean Dovey, Head of the School for Good. No, you can’t change your schedules. No, you cannot switch schools. No, even though Agatha may have done it, you cannot travel between schools. We have upped the security. Yes, the uniforms are new. Yes, Evil has a Groom Room and a chance to host the school ball. Please read the Ever Never Handbook. I don’t want to go over this again. Now, your room numbers are being passed out, and your textbooks are in your rooms. Lessons start tomorrow. Once you get your room number, please go change into your uniforms. See you at lunch!”
    We waited as fairies passed out room numbers. Eventually, as the crowd was thinning out, one shoved a slip of paper into my hand and flew off. I unfolded it and read it. Room 16 of the Purity Tower. Okay! I skipped into the Good castle, off to find my room!

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