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    Ida’s POV

    “Mom, I know you think this is good for me, but I’m not really sure this is what I’m supposed to be doing. Maybe I’m just meant to work with you in the apothecary.”
    Ida rested his chin on his hand, glumly watching his mother stuff pack after pack of herbs into his backpack.
    “Nonsense! Ida! As much as I know you love this life – I do too – I want you to explore. Talk to people your own age!”
    Ida sighed. He knew it was no use arguing, especially now, his last day in the beauty of the meadow. The cottage. The apothecary. He’d even miss the visits to the grocer, which is where he’d try to impress the elderly by making some fresh produce come alive. Most of all, he’d miss his mother – a beautiful woman who believed in the powers of nature.
    “Why would I want to talk to people my own age when I can just talk to the flowers? And you?” Ida tossed and turned over the bed.
    Zip! His mother had successfully stuffed as many medicinal herbs as she could into Ida’s backpack. Sweat beaded on her forehead.
    “The flowers will always be there for you. And when I die, I’ll be there for you, in the flowers. But the rest of the world will not – and I want you realize that. Things are constantly changing, dying, being born. I don’t want you to miss all that! Maybe you’ll find something even more beautiful than the flowers at the School for Good.” She smiled knowingly at him.
    Ida stood up slowly, sadly noticing he had grown taller than his mother in the past few years.
    “I don’t think I’ll ever find anything more beautiful than the flowers here, Mom. But maybe I can try to make a garden at the school, just for me. For me and a possible friend, I mean.”
    His mother’s smile reached his face. Maybe he could make someone at the school love the flowers as much as he did.

    Already he hated his bedroom. The windows allowed for a beautiful view, but the rooms themselves had nothing. Sure, they had beds and a simple table, but no nature. Ida shook his head in disappointment. Not even a single plant! He had yet to meet his roommate. He could easily go out and search, perhaps make a few friends – but that was too far out of reach. So he waited. And waited.
    After half an hour of being sullen in his bed, Ida rummaged through his belongings to grab some seeds and soil, which he had brought in a neat little bag.
    “Gotta get some green around here,” he muttered. “Hope my roommate likes begonias.”

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