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    missbonnibelleborealis-certifiedpotato posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 1 year, 6 months ago

    Ida’s pov

    “I’m Cadence,” mumbled Cadence, slumping down onto his bed and snatching a splintered heap of paintbrushes. “Nice to meet you too.”
    “Um – uh,” Ida nervously twiddled his fingers.
    He had managed to keep his emotions under wrap until the stranger – Cadence – managed to bring his colorful mess of a world colliding with Ida’s. His hair was like anything Ida had ever seen, no, wait, it was, it was like…
    “WINDFLOWERS!” Ida exclaimed with gusto, immediately tripping over Cadence’s mess on the floor. His cheeks came into contact with tubes of paint, barely twisted shut.
    “Oh f- I mean oh dear!” Ida muttered, looking up at Cadence from the floor.
    Cadence’s eyes glimmered with joy. “Here, let me help you, Ida!”
    “No, no, it’s alright I-”
    Cadence tripped over his own instruments, sending more glitter flying into the air. His head came smashing down on the floor, but he let out a silly little laugh.
    “Cadence, are you alright?!” Ida cried out, second hand embarrassment washing over him.
    How could this have happened? He’d promised his mother he’d make friends but now his roommate was an utter masterpiece of a boy, in the worst sense possible, and the floor was a mess of items and glitter and paint and they were both on the floor and-
    “Ida, what were you saying earlier? Wind power?” Cadence laughed, not getting off of the floor and instead opening tubes of paint.
    Ida’s nerves calmed for a moment. “Windflower. Also known as anemone. It’s a flower, and your hair reminded me of it.”
    “What does it look like?” Cadence began to play with the colors.
    Ida breathed in, closed his eyes, and began. Describing the flower from memory relaxed him so much he forgot he was laying on the floor, and Cadence would let out a laugh every now and then with some nonsense.
    “There you have it!” He jumped up and pulled Ida up from the floor.
    “Have what?”
    “That!” He pointed enthusiastically towards the floor.
    It was the most beautiful thing Ida had ever seen, which was quite an understatement. It was a splash of color on the dull floorboards, a mix of reds and blues to create a windflower. Except it wasn’t just a windflower, it was a windflower but with something different, something special….
    “It’s almost as if you looked into my mind. It’s beautiful.” Ida breathed.
    His new friend nodded. “I have the tendency to do that sometimes.”
    “Be beautiful?”
    “To look into people’s minds.” A playful smile lit up his face.
    “Oh, well, well that’s fairly interesting!” Ida looked around. “Might as well begin to clean this up, eh? I think we already missed the ceremony.”

        zeegrey replied 1 year, 6 months ago

        I’m cryinf. This is quality fluff

          olivefaye replied 1 year, 6 months ago

          i agree with zee

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