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    missbonnibelleborealis-certifiedpotato posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 4 years, 5 months ago

    Name: Altriste “Trist” Ladislas
    Age: 16, almost 17
    Relative: The Man In The Moon, his mother was a shooting star. Wanting a child and needing company, the man in the moon was astounded by his luck when he saw a shooting star. He wished upon it, the wish to have a son. Trist, was born.
    Catch Phrase: “What is that beautiful thing?!”
    Ever/Never/Neutral: Ever
    Female/Male/Other: Male.
    Single/Taken: Single.
    Important: Trist is innocent and naive despite all of the stories his father told him. He pretended to agree with his father that Earth was a dangerous place with unpredictable people, though he slowly began to believe that his ancient father had become paranoid and loony, almost a coward. Having no other company than that of his father, Trist does not know what a lie is. His mind has not ever grasped the idea that what someone INTENTIONALLY said may not be true.
    Looks: Trist is the very human characterization of the moon and a powerful shooting star. His skin is paper white, which causes him to appear shockingly ghostly. Trist’s hair shade is a cool grey. His eyes are unnaturally large due to the fact that he can see multiple galaxies when he observes the sky. That may seem like a power, but it is ultimately useless, aside from star gazing. The irises [no, not you Faye 🙂 ] of his eyes are different tones of gray, with specks of white. [Now, let’s talk exclusively about his pupils] They are not circles, but instead, crescent moons. His strange pupils are what allow him to see into other galaxies. Trist is six feet tall, though his stature will depend on his moods. He does not know that yet. His finger pads are cracked and composed of moon rock. His nose is slightly arched, therefore giving Tirst an altogether strange appearance that may even be frightening.
    Normal Clothes: A gray t shirt with a v shaped neck line. [I may or may not have forgotten if that’s called something specific. The cloth is made of a rugged material, as are his pants. Trist is usually barefoot.
    Battle clothes: He has no battle clothes, as he does not believe he will ever be part of a battle.
    Powers: Trist has the power to control the moon and surrounding stars. This may seem simple, but with great willpower and anger, you may find a tidal wave crashing down on you. He also has the power to bring down a shooting star for a wish, but this drastically depletes his energy and even a part of him, and will only be used in an emergency.
    Weapon: No weapons.
    Personality: Trist is playful and cheery, like an over excited Labrador Retriever.
    Will be posted tomorrow, as I have no remaining time on the computer.
    Please comment and tell me what you think!!! Suggestions, opinions, and stuff like that. Hope I didn’t go overboard.

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        clareofendlesswoods replied 4 years, 5 months ago

        This is awesome.

        blossom replied 4 years, 5 months ago

        Reminds me of someone….

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